'The Voice': 10 Behind the Scenes Shockers

The Voice - Quarter-Finals 2- FOR BLOG ONLY - 2011

There was plenty to be shocked about in Tuesday’s Live Round 2 of NBC’s The Voice both onscreen and off. The Hollywood Reporter attended the two-hour live taping as Team Cee Lo and Team Adam took to the stage to see which four performers would move on to the semifinals.

And while we attend live tapings often, we’re still astounded at the things that confuse us, bemuse us, and thrill us.

Here are ten things that shocked us during the live taping:

1.) Mark Burnett is very hands-on. We’ve never seen an executive producer play such an active role during the taping of a reality show competition. Burnett can be seen (dressed to the nines in a grey suit) standing at the edge of the audience and keeping a watchful eye on the production. A few times, he approached host Carson Daly to give what looked like tips, encouragement, and instruction. Sometimes, he approached the coaches as they had their makeup touched up during breaks just to fool around. We even saw him hold up Cee Lo Green’s personal handheld fan for him. Aw, what a caring boss.

On the flip side, this is the show’s first season. And while Burnett’s reality pedigree is impressive, The Voice is still a work in progress. We don’t blame him for keeping a watchful eye on his baby.

2.) Christina Aguilera’s hair: Was she channeling Pocahontas or Avatar? We can’t decide. Either way, it looked like her hairstylist had gone rogue and, like the title of one of her hit songs, they did her “Dirrty.”

3.) The Voice’s darling: Despite all the trouble Aguilera got into after last week’s comments about country performer Patrick Thomas’ pants coming off and pointing out the over-the-top bro-sexuality between fellow coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, the coaches rallied around her.

“People should have a heart and know that it’s all in clean fun,” Cee Lo tells us after we ask about the beating Christina received from the fans and press after last week’s episode. “There’s no reason to get so serious about it. The only thing serious is the competition.”

4.) An Adam-Christina duet? In a move that should help put out the fire over any rumors of a “Christina versus Adam” war, Levine announced right before the show that he and Aguilera are working on a duet together!

5.) Calling them backup dancers is an insult. We marveled at those two amazing women sporting afros who appeared in several of the contestants’ performances. They sang backup and they danced. They even twirled fiery batons during Nakia’s performance. The Voice sure knows how to get the most out of an hourly rate. We don’t believe there’s anything those two women can’t do.

6.) It’s “tweet,” not “twitter.” If you’ve ever attended a live taping, then you know that there’s usually a person who warms up the audience, lays out the ground rules, and keeps the energy up throughout the show. The Voice is no different. But -- and this may just be strange to us – the warm-up guy kept referring to “tweeting” on Twitter as “twittering.” That drove us nuts and seemed so strange on a show that has tried so hard to integrate social media into its format. While thankfully there was less of social media correspondent Alison Haislip’s tweet-reading before commercial breaks, that guy could have used a basic tweeting lesson from her.

7.) X-Tina, the consummate businesswoman. Aguilera announced during a commercial break that “Team X-Tina” shirts will soon be available for purchase on her website. Don’t break the internet trying to get yours, people.

8.) Christina’s save: We didn’t think much of the concept of having one singer saved from elimination by America’s vote and another saved by their coach. That’s until we saw it in action. For Aguilera’s team, America saved Beverly McClellan, the openly lesbian rock singer and Va. native. That placed Aguilera in an interesting position of having to choose from the remaining three, including the Jersey Girl actress-turned-singer, 16 year-old Raquel Castro – whose singing talent was questionable, though Aguilera championed her. So, she had to make the hard decision of finally letting her mini-me go and saved the better singer, Frenchie Davis.

9.) Blake’s save: Shelton had already come under fire for choosing country crooner Patrick over Tyler Robinson in the battle rounds. Would he repeat the mistake after America saved folk singer Dia Frampton? Much of the audience around us was sure he would. But, nope! Opposite day! Blake decided to save Xenia, the teenager with performance anxiety, but one of the most unique voices we’ve heard in a while.

10.) The required Carson Daly observation: Did Daly and Team Adam’s Devon Barley purposely wear similar outfits? Regardless, one of them is dressing way too young for their age. Hint: It’s not Devon.