‘The Voice’: Blake Shelton Uses Final Steal on Last Night of Battles

The Knockout Round starts next week.
Courtesy of NBC
From left: Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine of 'The Voice'

Season 13 of NBC's The Voice continued to heat up on Tuesday night with the final night of the Battle Round.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus worked with Rascal Flatts, Joe Jonas, Kelly Rowland and Billy Ray Cyrus to prepare the artists for Battle. Shelton was the only coach with a steal remaining. All artists who made it through the Battles will advance to the Knockout Round next week.

The first Battle of the evening came from Team Blake. Shelton pitted Adam Cunningham and Natalie Stovall against each other, having them sing “Boondocks” by Little Big Town. “I wish I had that gravel,” Shelton said of Cunningham’s voice in rehearsal. They gave a fun, energetic performance, with both singers proving they have powerful, gritty voices. Shelton was faced with a tough decision, and Levine liked watching him struggle. “You guys don’t have any steals? What a bunch of losers,” Shelton remarked to the other coaches. He ultimately chose Cunningham, and Stovall went home.

Team Jennifer’s Eric Lyn and Ignatious Carmouche were up next, singing “Unaware” by Allen Stone, and they immediately blew Hudson and Rowland away just in their rehearsal. Lyn’s falsetto sounded particularly gorgeous. They were a match made in heaven, and it was immediately clear that it would be an upset for either to go home. Team Jennifer looks stronger every week, and Rowland has been one of the most helpful celebrity mentors of the season. Lyn and Carmouche delivered one of the best Battles of the season, but Hudson unfortunately had to send one home. She chose Lyn as the winner, and Shelton did not use his final steal on Carmouche.

For the final Battle of the season, Cyrus paired country singers Ashland Craft and Megan Rose, having them sing “A Good Hearted Woman.” Even though the stakes were low because it was obvious that Shelton would be using his steal on this Battle, Craft and Rose put on a good show, both leaning into their country roots and proving that they know who they want to be as artists.

Cyrus chose Craft as the winner, and Shelton stole Rose, keeping her in the competition.

The Knockouts kick off next week. What did you think of season 13’s Battle Round?