'The Voice' Recap: One Singer Sits in Three Red Chairs on Blind Auditions Night 2

Usher, Shakira, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton evaluate a Starbucks barista, a stay-at-home mom and a mustached Den of Lions band member.
Adam Levine and Blake Shelton

Shakira might be endlessly sassy during the Voice's blind auditions, but Adam Levine has noticed her moments of childlike glee.

"I've really come to enjoy something that happens on this show, specifically with Shakira -- when she gets excited about someone, she is surprised as you are that she turned around," he said during Tuesday night's episode. "She can't believe it! It's like her hand is possessed, and she looks at us like, 'Oh my god, i pushed it!"

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Meanwhile, Usher's newfound strategy of aggression is in full swing, as he attempts to use his lips to woo a contestant, whereas Blake Shelton tries to rely on what he knows best: country music and Voice championships.

Meet the latest additions to season six (and the few who promise to audition again next time):

Delvin Choice
Song: "A Song for You"
Coaches who turned their chairs: All four
The singing Starbucks barista who auditioned for season five with Ne-Yo's "Closer" returned to try again with the Donny Hathaway ballad. All but Usher hit their buttons immediately, and Usher gave in during the last few measures. "I hadn't heard somebody exercise that much control," said Shelton, while Levine noted he sounded twenty times better. Shakira began swearing that she'd bring him to the top -- "My hips don't lie, I don't lie either, the rest of me doesn't lie either!" she shouted -- and Levine comically imitated the Colombian's accent. While Usher is the only one who knew who actually sang the original track, Choice still picked Levine.

Madilyn Paige
Song: "Titanium"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher, Shakira
The 16-year-old effortlessly auditioned with a piano-ballad version the David Guetta/Sia track, spotlighting her voice's purity. "I think your approach was smart, because you weren't aggressive, you showed a gentler side," said Usher, while Shakira called her sound beautiful and powerful. As the two coaches began bickering about who started their career earlier, Levine walked over to stand alongside Shelton and watch the two battled for Paige. In the end, she picked Usher.

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Noah Lis
Song: "Me and Mrs. Jones"
Coaches who turned their chair: Levine, Shelton
The 22-year-old working musician wants to bring back the sound of classic jazz standards, which is why he crooned on the Billy Paul song and got two button-pushes at the last second. Levine predicted that Shelton would name-drop Michael Buble -- which he did, and revealed that Dean Martin is an inspiration -- and also noted that he's "not gonna blow rainbows up your butt" and flood the raw performance with compliments of perfection. Shelton disagreed and said the cover was actually too polished -- an angle that intrigued Lis and recruited to Team Shelton. In celebration, Shelton broke out into Martin's "Aint That a Kick in the Head."

Keith Shuskie
Song: "Somewhere Only We Hand"
Coaches who turned their chair: none
The mustached Den of Lions band member paced the stage while performing the Keane track, but couldn't turn a chair. Afterward, the coaches asked him to launch into Queen's "Somebody to Love," while Shakira asked him to return with his Salvador Dali look.

Deja Hall
Song: "True Colors"
Coaches who turned their chair: Shelton, Shakira, Usher
The 16-year-old military brat needed to have her kidney removed as a newborn, and kept her cool all throughout the Cyndi Lauper hit. Shelton reminded everyone that he won season four with a 16-year-old girl (Danielle Bradbery) and joked, "Both of them have kids, and I don't -- I want to adopt you." Usher applauded her courage in tackling the song and offered to help her hit the song's big note that she didn't go for, but Shelton said he wouldn't pressure her to do so. In the end, Hall joined Team Shakira.

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Cary Laine
Song: "Better Dig Two"
Coaches who turned their chair: All four
The stay-at-home mom relocated her family from Alabama to Wyoming, since her husband works in the oil and gas industry. After slaying the sassy Band Perry song, Usher offered to make her more comfortable by replacing her cowboy boots with new shoes. But Levine had her sit in his chair, followed by Shakira's and Usher's ("like Goldilocks and the three bears," he said). He then tried to stare her down, and when Shakira covered his eyes, Usher responded, "Okay, look at my lips." After pleas from all four directions (and her son shouting backstage to pick Shelton), Laine instead went with Levine.

Tuesday's episode puts Usher and Levine in the lead with four singers each, followed by Shakira with three and Shelton with two team members.

The Voice blind auditions continue Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Which blind audition was your favorite? Which singer picked the wrong coach? Sound off in the comments below.

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