‘The Voice’ Contestants Reflect on Monday’s Emotional Show

The four semifinalists also talk to THR about their favorite performances of the season and the best advice their coach ever gave them.

Monday’s episode of The Voice was the most emotional yet, and with good reason. The four remaining contestants -- Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David -- all visited their hometowns this week, which allowed them to see their friends and family after weeks of separation. Then, they performed songs in dedication to their loved ones. On top of that, there’s only one more week until a season three champion is crowned, so nerves must be at an all-time high.

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The Hollywood Reporter spoke to the contestants after the show about what it was like to see their families again and the best advice their coach has ever given them.

Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)
Performed: “Stupid Boy”

THR: How did you come up with this song?

Pope: [Blake Shelton] came to me with the idea, and I went, "That would be amazing." And I started messing with it and singing it, and at first, I was like, the melody doesn’t go to that place where I can showcase what I can do, and then I just took it and did things with the melody that really showcased my high register.

THR: Shelton was defending that you sing a lot of country songs. Do you feel the same way?

Pope: I know what he means and I think some people are confused about it. A lot of people think that’s where I’m going to go after the show, which it isn’t. I think he just wanted to nip that in the bud and say, "Hey, she’s a pop rock artist." With me, it’s hard to find songs that I connect with, and I’ve got to honest, there’s a lot of country songs that I think have more of a lyrical value than the pop songs that they have out there.

THR: What’s your favorite performance of the season that you’ve done?

Pope: Of the season, I would have to say “Over You.”

THR: And the best piece of advice Shelton has given you?

Pope: In a little bit of a profane manner, he said, just forget about everybody else and do your thing. There were certain points where I felt a little low and I felt intimidated by other people and their comments and he just said, "Forget about them. You do you and it’ll pay off."

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Terry McDermott (Team Blake)
Performed: “Let It Be”

THR: Why was tonight’s show so emotional?

McDermott: The home visits were a big part of it. When I saw my aunt and uncle, I hadn’t seen them in five years. My uncle had been very sick a couple of years ago, and he wasn’t really expected to make it. As a result, it’s been difficult having him go through that and me being here not able to see him.

THR: The coaches said that not everyone can sing this song.

McDermott: I’ve got to say that thought was in my mind all week. I’d like to think I can tackle any song, and most genres, but it’s almost more difficult when they give you something that’s part of your musical bible. And “Let it Be” definitely fell into that category.

THR: What’s your favorite performance of the season that you’ve done?

McDermott: I think this one has to be up there. And I think the Foreigner one from last week. I think with it being so stripped down and it being so very bare -- I’ve said it a couple times -- there was no where to hide. If you were going to connect with the song, you had to do it in a way that really, really nailed it.

THR: And the best piece of advice Shelton has given you?

McDermott: Don’t screw it up. Blake’s been very supportive throughout. He’s just said, “You know what you’re good at. Sing from the heart, and you can use that voice.”

Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)
Performed: “You Are So Beautiful”

THR: What made tonight’s performance so emotional?

David: The home visits. I was at my house that we purchased and worked so hard for for the first time. So to think of all that’s happened, and to think of all that our friends and family have done, and being away from my family … all the hard work, all the lonely nights, everything just kind of fast-forwarded to right now.

THR: Cee Lo said you had different ideas about how to perform this song. What was that about?

David: I kind of had a more joyful approach to it, but he said it could be way more powerful like this. And I totally agree with him, but it’s good to get those things out there, to be honest and to be open and have an exchange of dialogue.

THR: What’s your favorite performance of the season that you’ve done?

David: On so many levels, so many of them. But I’d say because it’s fresh, for sure tonight because it was, again, I feel like I’m here to be a messenger of the heart and I feel like tonight, that was, everything.

THR: What’s the best advice your coach has given you?

David: He just supports us being ourselves, and I think that’s what we need -- more individuals instead of followers.

Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)
Performed: “Wind Beneath My Wings”

THR: Tonight’s performance seemed especially emotional.

Hunte: I was definitely emotional. It brought me back to a lot of memories, just being around my family and being around my friends.  

THR: Why this song? Why now?

Hunte: I wanted to let my family know that they’re my hero. And I wanted to let those kids that constantly write me on Facebook or Twitter and say that, “You inspire me,” I wanted to let them know that they’re my hero. And I also wanted to let Cee Lo know that he’s my hero for just turning around for me and bringing me this far.

THR: What’s your favorite performance of the season that you’ve done?

Hunte: My best performance would have to be “And I am Telling You.” Only because it was my moment when I stood firmly on the ground and I told America that I’m not going anywhere.

THR: What’s the best advice your coach has given you?

Hunte: The best piece of advice would have to be him telling me to be myself, be the best Trevin that I can be. And just follow my dreams. He told me that he is a defender of things that are different, and growing up I wasn’t always the kid that fit in. I was always different.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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