'The Voice's' Cee Lo Green on Live Show Performances: 'I Was Just a Little Disappointed'

The singer-songwriter talked to THR about sending two of his contestants home on Tuesday.
Cee Lo Green (center) with his remaining contestants.

Cee Lo Green may be known as the most eccentric coach on NBC's The Voice, with his fancy outfits and ever-present white cat, but he had to get serious on Tuesday and make some tough elimination decisions.

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Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Tuesday's results show.

Cee Lo’s team and Adam Levine’s team were up for elimination on Tuesday, and, after America’s vote, Cee Lo could only choose one person to save among Cheesa, Erin Martin and Tony Vincent.

All three of contestants performed one more time, in hopes of showing Cee Lo what they could bring to the competition. Cee Lo decided to save powerhouse vocalist Cheesa, sending Erin and Tony home for good.

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After the show, Cee Lo spoke to reporters about sending two members of his team home.

“Erin makes me laugh. She’s so, so unique and so wonderfully strange, like me,” he said. “I'll miss having that side of myself around.”

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“Tony, I just connected to him like a brother, and we celebrated the birth of his new baby and we just were really good friends,” he added.

Cee Lo said he was “humbled” by Tony’s ability. “He’s accomplished something in the arts that I have not,” Cee Lo added.

Tony, a Broadway veteran who has starred in such shows as American Idiot and Rent, sang "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" for his last-chance performance on Tuesday.

“Do I think that song choice that he selected was the winning one? No I don’t,” Cee Lo said after the show. “I was just a little disappointed in that, and I had to be honest.”

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After Cee Lo’s group performed on Tuesday, fellow coach Adam Levine said that he felt he had finally seen what the three contestants could bring to the table, and it was too bad it took an elimination to get them there.

Cee Lo told reporters that he agreed with Levine’s comments. “There’s that vulnerability of trying to be trusting. They want to feel like their instinct is right about what coach they chose and you want to take those suggestions to heart,” he said, adding that he and he rest of the coaches had it much easier than the aspiring singers.

“It’s not easy to do,” he added. “You know, we’re here to stay. Those four seats will be here as long as the show is around, but they’re fighting for their lives.”

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