'The Voice': Live Cross Battles Results Revealed

Live Cross Battles-Adam Levine-John Legend-Publicity Still-H 2019
Trae Patton/NBC

The results from the first half of the new Live Cross Battles came in Tuesday night on NBC's The Voice. Viewers voted for the winners of Monday night’s battles, and coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend each had a steal and save for the round.

First up were the results for Team Blake’s Kim Cherry and Team Kelly’s Betsy Ade. America voted to save Cherry, but Levine and Legend both swooped in to try to save Ade. Levine said he wanted to work with her from the start, and Legend praised her voice and energy. She joined Team Adam.

Next up were Team Kelly’s Matthew Johnson and Team Adam’s Domenic Haynes. America saved Johnson, but Levine immediately used his save to keep Haynes in the competition. So Levine already used up his steal and save right at the top of the show.

Between Team Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon and Team Adam’s Rod Stokes, America voted through Jarmon. That left Stokes on the chopping block, but Clarkson swooped in to use her steal for the round on him.

Another steal came in for the next set of results. Viewers voted to save Oliv Blu from Team Blake, which made Team Adam’s Celia Babini available. Legend wasted no time scooping her up, referencing the fact that he initially turned for her in the Blind Auditions.

While no artists had been eliminated by this point, the streak ended when it came to Team Kelly’s Presley Tennant and Team Legend’s Kayslin Victoria. America voted through Tennant, but Victoria was eliminated.

Team Kelly’s Karen Galera was also cut from the competition, as viewers voted for Team Legend’s Lisa Ramey to win in their Cross Battle.

Things got exciting again in the face-off between Team Adam’s Mari and Team Blake’s Selkii. America saved Mari, and Shelton used his one save to keep Selkii in the competition, saying that he wants to see her in the Live Playoffs.

In the final results of the evening, Team Blake’s Dexter Roberts faced Team Adam’s Andrew Jannakos. Viewers voted through Roberts, and Jannakos was cut from the competition.

Next Monday, the remaining 16 contestants of the top 32 will undergo the same process, singing in Live Cross Battles for America’s vote.