'The Voice' Live Show: Team Adam and Team Cee Lo Perform

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Last week, Teams Christina and Blake performed, and two contestants from each team were sent home.

This week on the live shows, Teams Adam and Cee Lo took the stage.

Cee Lo’s team was described by host Carson Daly as “big voices and big personalities,” while Adam Levine’s team was called “a mix of youth and experience.”

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In the live rounds, each singer will perform live and America can vote for who they would like to save from each team. Then, on Tuesday, the three members of the team who are not saved will be up for elimination, and the judges will have to select two members of each team to send home.

It was a trip through the decades on Monday night, with contestants rocking out to hits from the '70s and '80s, and also some modern popular songs. While not all the acts hit the right notes, some of the performances blew the coaches and the audience away.

Team Cee Lo had the more memorable performances of the night, with Juliet Simms, James Massone and Jamar Rogers being the strongest of the show. The weakest of the night were Erin Martin’s “Walk Like an Egyptian” and Karla Davis’ awkward attempt to be a pop singer.

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The good, the bad and the mediocre of the night:

The Good
James Massone: “Don’t Know Why” (Team Cee Lo)
Cee Lo had James catering to the ladies with this sexy song, which won’t hurt his chances. While his pitch seemed to falter at times, if Blake Shelton can admit that he “almost threw his panties on the stage,” then America may follow suite.

Juliet Simms: “Roxanne” (Team Cee Lo)
Juliet’s voice was on fire during her performance. Her arrangement of The Police’s very famous song was powerful and memorable.

Jamar Rogers: “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (Team Cee Lo)
Jamar had plenty of energy and rocked it on stage. He used the stage well, and interacted with the audience, while also showing off his strong voice all the way through to the final note.

Katrina Parker: “Tonight, Tonight” (Team Adam)
She may look like Adele, but she sounded like Katrina. She was strong, confident and powerful.

The Bad
Karla Davis: “Airplanes”  (Team Adam)
Karla went pop star this week, but her voice came off very quiet and weak. Her confident alter ego, Bertha, seemed to have taken the week off. Maybe her neves just got to her.

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Erin Martin: “Walk Like an Egyptian”  (Team Cee Lo)
Cee Lo’s model-turned-singer arrived on stage in a chariot carried by shirtless men. She didn’t seem able to keep up with the fast lyrics, and her voice sounded really week. The staging was a bit distracting and Erin seemed to get lost in it.

The Mediocre
Tony Lucca: “In Your Eyes” (Team Adam)
With a couple of creepy eyeballs floating around in the background, Lucca’s performance wasn’t one of the strongest of the night. His voice sounded a little weak. As Christina pointed out, Lucca has been getting support from Justin Timberlake on Twitter, which may keep him in the game, regardless of the fact that his performance was mediocre.

Cheesa: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Team Cee Lo)
Cheesa got plenty of dramatic lighting, and bouncy dancers, which was almost enough to distract eyeballs from her terrible, terrible outfit. But not quite. However, her voice was strong.

Kim Yarbrough: “Rolling in the Deep” (Team Adam)
Kim’s a powerhouse, but she didn’t use the stage, perhaps a little constricted by her outfit. But Adele doesn’t use the stage much and she’s doing just fine. It didn’t seem to be the right song for her, and even Adam admitted it wasn’t quite perfect.

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Tony Vincent: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (Team Cee Lo)
Tony’s stage production was very futuristic, but with him stuck on the top of that podium for half the song, he wasn’t as dynamic as he could have been. His voice seemed a little restricted as well due to the song.

Mathai: “Ordinary People” (Team Adam)
Mathai’s voice had a special sound to it, but it was too bad she didn’t use the stage in her performance. As Christina said, “it was a little loungy.”

Pip: “When You Were Young” (Team Adam)
Bow-tie wearing Pip rocked out to The Killers, and he sounded pretty good, but seemed to be trying a little hard. He couldn't to break out of his good-boy persona enough for the song.

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