'The Voice' Season 3 Premiere: Blind Auditions Begin

One contestant dares to sing a coach's song, while another singer sparks a heated fight between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

On Monday, The Voice returned with its season three premiere, featuring a collection of blind auditions and a group performance by the coaches.

Because of the changes made for season three, each coach will get to pick 16 members for his or her team.

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The two-hour premiere begins with the coaches -- Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – saying very nice things about each other. They then perform "Start Me Up" together.

Perhaps to emphasize how each coach represents a different genre of music, the wardrobe choices were pretty interesting, from Aguilera’s no-pants sparkly outfit to Green’s all-white ensemble.

The blind auditions then get started.

Terry McDermott
Song: "Baba O'Riley”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green, Levine, Shelton
The Scottish rocker, who has been in the U.S. since 2003 but has taken a break from singing when his band broke up, chooses Shelton as his coach.

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Song: "Hey, Soul Sister"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera and Green
“Sexuality is complicated. Boom, I’m gay, how about it?” the singer, who wasn’t allowed to sing with her church group after changing her looks, tells cameras before her performance. She selects Aguilera because her song, “The Voice Within,” inspired her.

Gracia Harrison
Song: "I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Levine, Green
The country crooner creates the first big fight between the coaches. “You are the best country singer we have ever heard on this show,” says Levine. But Gracia can’t be swayed from going with reigning country coach, Shelton. Levine gets payback by mocking Shelton’s accent.

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Garrett Gardner
Song: "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
The 16-year-old, a son of a musician, doesn't quite have the skills that the coaches are looking for. It's tough to see him break down on stage, but the coaches try to encourage him to keep working on his voice.

Devyn DeLoera
Song: "Ain't No Other Man”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Shelton, Levine
Singing one of the coaches’ songs is always a risk, but it pays off for this once-shy 20-year-old singer. Will she ain't no Aguilera, it's enough for her to get three of the coaches to turn their chairs. Of course, she chooses to be on Aguilera’s team.

Bryan Keith
Song: "It Will Rain"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Shelton, Levine, Green
The first contestant to get all four coaches to turn their chairs, Bryan is the son of musician Ray de la Paz. He chooses Levine as his coach.

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Daniel Rosa
Song: "Somebody That I Used to Know"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green, Shelton
A return contestant who couldn’t get a coach to turn their chair for him, Daniel returns with much more confidence this season. He selects Green as his coach.

Anita Antoinette
Song: “No Woman, No Cry”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
Although none of the coaches turn their chairs, they ask Anita to sing the song again, this time with feeling. The coaches are much more impressed the second time around. And while this doesn't get Anita on a team, it does make her feel better.

Joe Kirkland
Song: "Gives You Hell"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Levine
The 24-year-old singer, whose band was dropped from its label, chooses Levine.

Jessica Sharpe
Song: “Son of a Preacher Man”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
“Sometimes the magic isn’t in the air," Levine says after Jessica's performance, but he also encourages her to keep trying.

Trevin Hunte
Song: "Listen"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Green, Shelton
Trevin’s performance gets Aguilera to turn her chair almost immediately, but he ends up choosing to be on Green’s team.

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