'The Voice' Recap: The Blind Auditions Wrap Up

The four coaches complete their teams of 16 to move on to the battle rounds.

The blind auditions finally came to an end on Monday night with the four coaches – Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – completing their teams of 16 contestants each.

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Nathalie Hernadez
Song: “White Horse"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Aguilera, Levine
This 15-year-old says she missed her prom and her brother’s graduation for the auditions.  Shelton and Aguilera turn their chairs almost right away and do some heavy bickering over the singer. She chooses Team Christina.

Rob Michael
Song: “Please Don’t Go”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
When he was 19, Rob Michael was part of a boy band group that was successful in Europe. But it didn’t translate in the U.S., so he wants to make it in America. He gets some of the girls in the audience to scream for his leather-jacket wearing style, but his vocals are pretty weak. Green says the song didn’t allow for a “big moment.”

Caitlin Michelle
Song: “Cosmic Love"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Levine
The girl with the colorful hair suffers from an extreme panic disorder. But music was her medicine, as she says. She sings the Florence + the Machine song pretty well, but the true test will be if she can sing anything else. Michelle chooses to be on Levine’s team, despite the fact that Shelton turned around first.

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Nicole Johnson
Song: “Mr. Know It All”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Green
This 18-year-old has been singing and writing music since she as 7 years old. She moved to Nashville to pursue music. Her voice seems a little sharp, but Shelton and Green like her. She goes with country coach Shelton.

Kameron Corvet
Song: “Crazy”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
Kameron Corvet is a middle school French teacher who can’t woo any of the coaches with his cool sound. He even talks a little French after his performance, but the coaches say the song didn’t build enough.

Song: "Brass in Pocket"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green, Shelton
Chevonne has been a background singer for Lady Gaga. She’s another one who wants to be a star on her own. At the very last minute, Shelton and Green turn their chairs. Green says he hears “pain” in her voice, which then causes her to reveal that he suffered from an eating disorder. She decides to go with Green, which makes sense with her unique style.

Kayla Nevarez
Song: "American Boy"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Levine, Aguilera, Green
The 17-year-old’s dad couldn’t come to her audition because he’s going through some health problems. Their family had to move into a two-bedroom apartment because of financial strains, and Kayla now sleeps on the couch. Aguilera fights hard for her, but Levine gets her by pointing out that he has trained a winner. With this, Levine completes his team.

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Celica Westbrook
Song: "A Thousand Years"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Green, Shelton
Celica was nearly signed to a record deal when she was younger and almost went on tour with Justin Bieber. She can’t seem to hit the high notes, but gets the coaches to turn their chairs anyway. Aguilera gives her a standing ovation, and Celica joins her as the final member of her team.

There’s a quick recap of turned down contestants that we’re just going to skip altogether.

Rudy Parris
Song: "Every Breath You Take"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Green
The long-haired singer may look like a rocker, but he's all country deep down. He has always wanted to be on tour, but took time off to be a good parent. Now that his daughter is 22, he wants to pursue music again. Shelton gets the final member of his team.

Cody Belew
Song: "Hard to Handle"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green
Green completes his team – and thus the blind auditions – by taking on this 27-year-old country-turned-soul singer. It's a great way to end the show with Belew's adorable shock when he realizes that Green hit his button.

Tuesday night will be a look back at some of the best blind auditions, and next week the battle rounds will begin. Who's ready for "the steal" to debut?