'The Voice' Recap: The Battle Rounds End on a High Note

Usher uses his last steal on the final night of battles.

The battle rounds wrapped up on Tuesday night with an epic sing off between Shakira's two Latin singers. Also, Usher started out the night as the only coach with a steal still to use. He's been a careful decision maker throughout the competition, so whoever he selects as his final save is sure to deserve it.

Find out who survived final night of battle rounds:

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Shakira's Brandon Raush vs. Shawna P.: "Piece of My Heart"
Shakira puts these two intense singers up against each other, despite their age difference. Shawna's experience comes out at first, not to mention her similarities to Janis Joplin. Brandon finally gets more comfortable and finds his sound with the song. "I would be very frustrated to lose to a 19-year-old. That would suck," Shawna says. They both come off pretty eccentric onstage, but it seems like Shawna's voice continues to shine through. Shakira saves Shawna.

Adam Levine's Duncan Kamakana vs. Sarah Simmons: "Wanted You More"
The Hawaiian folk singer and the music student had to sing a Lady Antebellum song in front of Hillary Scott, who is helping Levine out with his team. Both of the singers are told they need to focus on their diction and control while singing. During the performance, Sarah's powerful voice was dominating the conversation. Shelton says that Sarah is one of his favorite singers of all time, and Levine agrees and chooses her.

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The show rushes through some other battles in a montage: Usher chooses Michelle Chamuel; Levine chooses Amy Whitcomb; and Blake Shelton chooses Justin Rivers over The Morgan Twins.

Shakira's Cathia vs. Mary Miranda: "Antes De Las Seis"
It's a Latin sing-off! And the claws are definitely out. They're tasked with singing Shakira's own song about heartbreak. Mary, 17, doesn't know the song, which is pretty embarrassing, but Cathia comes off as a brown noser. Once Mary learns the song, she seems to own it. Cathia is sure to throw Mary under the bus when Mary accidentally sings on her part. Shakira praises them both for making the song their own and says it breaks her heart to have to choose. Shakira announces (in Spanish, of course) that Mary is the winner, due in part to her charisma on stage.

But never fear, fans of Cathia. Usher pushes his steal button at the very last moment to save her.

Next week, the show will begin its knockout rounds, which feature two members of a team singing different songs in front of each other and one being eliminated.

What did you think of the final night of battle rounds? Were the right singers sent home tonight? Sound off in the comments section below.