'The Voice' Recap: Blake Shelton Shows Off his ACM Award to Woo a Contestant

The fourth night of the blind auditions features a contestant trying to move past his one-hit wonder, and an interesting remix of a Britney Spears song.
Liz Davis on 'The Voice'

Monday was a big day for The Voice – behind the scenes, that is.

As The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier Monday, Shakira and Usher will join as coaches for The Voice’s upcoming spring season, with current coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green giving up their rotating chairs for a bit so they can focus on their music.

So fans should soak in as much goodness as they can from these soon-to-depart coaches because soon enough Aguilera’s sass and Green’s run-on sentences will be gone for a bit. (Both Aguilera and Green have said they will return for season five.)

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The blind auditions continue in the second week of season three, with coaches Aguilera, Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton continuing to build their teams.

Melanie Martinez
Song: "Toxic”

Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Levine, Shelton, Green
With a style all her own, this singer says she used to be insecure about the gap between her front teeth, but now she’s developing her own style. She sings a unique rendition of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” while playing guitar at the same time. Everyone but Aguilera (because you know she can’t support her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star) turns their chairs, and Martinez decides to be on Levine’s team.

Song: "Cupid’s Shuffle”

Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
Cupid made the song “Cupid’s Shuffle,” which was a hit in 2006, and is still played at weddings today. This one-hit-wonder was hoping to move past that song and have a real music career, but none of the coaches turned their chairs. Maybe if you wanted to move past your signature song, you shouldn’t have sung it for your audition, man.

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Brian Scartocci
Song: "Isn't She Lovely"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Levine, Green, Shelton
This 26-year-old father of two impresses all the male coaches with his sorta-scratchy voice. He goes with Levine, despite Shelton’s speech emphasizing their chemistry – and matching vests.

Beat Frequency
Song: "E.T."
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera
The duo is a married couple, and the husband wears sunglasses (indoors) during his interview with host Carson Daly, which is really special. Aguilera gets the duo on her team by default.

Tyler Lillestol
Song: "You Got It Bad"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
This singer also dreamed of being a baseball player, but when that didn’t pan out he decided to focus on his music career. A couple coaches came close to turning their chairs, but in the end, Lillestol struck out.

Liz Davis
Song: "Here for the Party"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Levine, Shelton
Shelton was -- surprisingly -- the last to turn his chair for this country singer, but he still gets them for his team – maybe because he’s waving around that shiny ACM Award for best male vocalist.

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JR Aquino
Song: "Just the Way You Are"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Levine, Green
This YouTube sensation made his enthusiastic parents proud with his performance. Green finally wins a battle and gets Aquino to join his team.

Agina Alvarez
Song: "Turn the Beat Around"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
Alvarez has had several chances in the music industry, getting a record deal at 10 years old with Sony Records, and then at 18 years old, another with an independent label and made a Latin album. However, the label shelved her, and now she’s trying to get back into the game. She’s got a big voice, but none of the coaches turn around for her.

Nicholas David
Song: "Stand By Me"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green
Nicholas David used to be in a band, but lost his way with the partying and drinking. Now, he’s trying to get his life back on track, and hopes Green can get him there. His unique sound is perfect for Green's team.

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Alessandra Guercio
Song: "The Climb"
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Levine, Green
This 17-year-old didn’t tell anyone from her artsy high school that she was auditioning because she didn’t want to jinx it. She picks Levine, who turned his chair first.

Rapid Recap!
A montage recaps some of the other “gets” of the night. Adanna Duru joins Team Adam, Kelly Crapa joins Team Blake and Paulina joins Team Christina.

Avery Wilson
Song: "Without You”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: All four
Avery Wilson thought he was a dancer, just like the rest of his family. But his voice blows the judges away, and they all fight over him. Green wins another strong competitor when Wilson decides to be on Team Cee Lo.

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