'The Voice' Recap: Blake Shelton Name Drops, Usher Saves at the Last Second

The NBC singing competition continues to heat up with more blind auditions.
Audrey Karrasch on "The Voice"

It's night four of the blind auditions, which sees one contestant falling flat on an Adele song, and Blake Shelton offering to adopt a young aspiring country singer. And with one contestant, Usher cuts it close, pressing his button at the last possible moment.

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Audrey Karrasch
Song: “Price Tag"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Usher
This former model moved to Charlotte, N.C., to focus on music. Shelton turns his chair nearly immediately for her unique sound. Usher follows shortly after. "It really does take strength and confidence to come out here and move this crowd," says Usher. She goes with Usher, which leads the coach to show off a little bit of his dance moves.

Brandon Roush
Song: “With a Little Help From My Friends"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira
When he's not playing with his band, he's working with kids with autism. This guy with the heart of gold is looking to get coaches to turn around for his unique voice. While all the coaches sing along with him, only Shakira turns her chair. "That is not what you're supposed to look like," says Shelton when he turns around.

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Betsy Barta
Song: “Set Fire to the Rain"
Coaches who turned their chairs: None
This formerly shy street performer says she's ready to move onto a big stage. Alas, she chooses an Adele song. The Voice has had a whole lot of Adele tunes in the past, and the coaches seem to be over it. "You bit off a lot to chew there with Adele," says Shelton.

Patrick Dodd
Song: “Walking in Memphis"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira, Levine
Dodd gave up music for a time to be a family man, but now his family is encouraging him to go after his dreams. They unfortunately did not pressure him to get rid of his dreadlocks. No matter. His voice is strong, and it makes Shakira and Levine turn. "You have so much soul in your voice," says Shakira. "Never underestimate a five-foot-three Columbian girl," she adds. Despite that selling point, Dodd goes with Levine.

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A quick recap reveals that Trevor Davis joins Team Blake, C. Perkins goes to Shakira and returning contestant Agina Alvarez joins Team Adam

Orlando Dixon
Song: “So Sick"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher
Dixon says his father wasn't around when he was younger, but he's always had music in his life. He currently performs as a wedding singer, but wants more for himself and to be able to support his mother and sister. The song doesn't really let him show off his voice, but at the very last second Usher turns his chair. "I turned because I really did feel like you had a great tone," says Usher.

Savannah Berry
Song: "Safe and Sound"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Shakira, Shelton
This 17-year-old got to sing with Sugarland, and decided to commit to a music career after that. She takes on a Taylor Swift song, and Levine is the first to turn his chair. He's followed by Shakira and then Shelton, who we have to assume is Berry's ideal coach with her country sound. After Berry says that Miranda Lambert is one of her musical influences, Shelton shows off his wedding ring. Shakira pulls her newbie card: "These two guys -- they're jaded, they're almost deaf," she says of Shelton and Levine. Shelton name drops some more country names, and then mentions that he and Miranda were thinking of maybe adopting. "You're 17, a very adoptable age," he says. Berry can't say "No" to that, and joins Team Blake.

Next week is the final week of blind auditions.

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