'The Voice' Recap: One Coach Comes Up Empty on Blind Auditions Night 4

Among the mentors' lap-sitting and soul banter, an '80s rocker, a session singer and a falsetto Texan vie for a spot on season six.
Stevie Jo

"I'm a gentlemen -- ladies first," explained Usher as to why he doesn't hit his button until after Shakira does, nearly every time. But among all the spinning seats, one coach came up completely empty on Tuesday's episode of The Voice.

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Meet the latest addition to the season six teams (and the few who couldn't turn a chair):

Megan Ruger
Song: "Just Like a Pill"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher, Shelton
The mohawked rocker finds herself stuck in Nashville, despite touting a diverse set list with country, '80s rock and Top 40. After Ruger performed Pink's hit, Shelton bragged that he had it in the bag because she's from the country scene and loves '80s rock more than Usher does, and he was right -- Ruger joined Team Blake.

Morgan Wallen
Song: "Collide"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira, Usher
The Tennessee landscaper was offered a record contract after winning a children's singing competition, but his parents opted for a normal childhood for him instead. When he lost a college baseball scholarship after an injury, he returned to his musical pursuits, and immediately won Shakira over with his first raspy phrase of the Howie Day hit. When Usher told Shakira, "I'm a gentlemen -- ladies first," Shakira started returning the love, and a jealous Levine went to sit on Shelton's lap. Usher noted that though his performance wasn't perfect, he can be any kind of artist he wants to be -- a comment that rang like great coach feedback to Wallen, as he joined Team Usher.

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James Cavern
Song: "Let's Get It On"
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The son of Vietnamese refugees was raised in England, but had to hide his love of music from his family. He tried to add his growl to the Marvin Gaye serenade, but couldn't turn a chair because of his overwhelming song choice, noted Levine and Usher.

Emily B.
Song: "Wicked Game"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira, Shelton, Usher
The seasoned session singer (off-camera background vocals for film and TV) found out she has a rare syndrome called VHL, and is now following through with her dream to be a soloist. She maintained control throughout the Chris Isaak track, and intrigued three judges when she sailed on the high notes. Usher respected her original rendition, Shelton praised her falsetto, and after Shakira and Usher argued who knew more about soul -- Shelton fought, "I have a soul..." -- she chose Shakira.

Stevie Jo
Song: "There Goes My Baby"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher
The son of two heavy metal band members has veered into the R&B genre, and though the Texan was often teased for sounding like a girl, he embraced theater and earned a scholarship. He bravely auditioned with the Usher track, but once he hit a key note in the song, Usher hit his button, while the other coaches didn't even bother. "I was pretty sure that you weren't a white guy!" shouted Levine. "He sounds like Usher but looks like Blake!"

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Audra Mclaughlin
Song: "Angel From Montgomery"
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
Though she grew up with a learning disability, the aspiring singer is successfully studying to be a medical assistant. She went for the John Prine track with confidence, and immediately attracted Levine, who hadn't nabbed a contestant all night. "My wife introduced me to that song...you're damn right I'm gonna play the wife card, so shut up!" Shelton told the coaches, followed by storytelling that got Mclaughlin laughing and joining Team Blake.

Shakira also picked up Dani Moz and Music Box, and Shelton grabbed Lexi Luca (who performed a Cassadee Pope track, no less).

The fourth episode of season six puts Usher and Shakira in the lead with nine singers each, followed by an unmoved Levine with seven and Shelton with six team members.

The final week of The Voice blind auditions kick off Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Which blind audition was your favorite? Which singer picked the wrong coach? Sound off in the comments below.

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