'The Voice' Recap: Teams Even Out on Blind Auditions Night 5

An Arista alum artist, a Scarlet Haze member, a D.C. lounge singer and a pair of American Kids level the playing field between all four coaches.

"Shakira is hungry for a victory! She's starving – she's a 'she wolf!'" shouted Adam Levine, in reference to the female coach's 2009 hit and new strategies during The Voice blind auditions.

Sometimes she's sassy and aggressive -- as we've seen much more often then ever this season -- but other times, she's back to those maternal instincts that won viewers over during season four. "You can allow yourself to be vulnerable with me," she told one contestant on Monday.

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But Usher immediately told that auditionee, "Do you want a mom or a mentor?" Though the question silenced the audience -- and definitely affected that singer's decision on which team to choose -- it also encapsulated Shakira's upcoming coaching dilemma as she continues through her second season, and her first on the show without any kind of spillover pregnancy symptoms.

Meet the latest additions to season six of The Voice:

Kat Perkins
Song: "Gold Dust Woman"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Shakira, Usher
The childhood farmer played a yodeling cowgirl in a country western troupe, but then formed – and disbanded – the rock band Scarlet Haze. The singer-turned-nanny wailed on the Fleetwood Mac track, filled with long notes that particularly intrigued Usher. Shakira once again touted her super-detailed approach to her own career, but Levine highlighted her rock aspirations, and won her over.

Paula Deanda
Song: "The Way"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Blake Shelton, Shakira
Formerly signed by Clive Davis to Arista, the pop singer of "Doin' Too Much" and "Walk Away" was dropped after two albums, but went for a second chance with the Ariana Grande breakout. Introducing herself as just "Paula" from Texas, she surprisingly went with Shelton, saying afterward that she's never explored her country roots.

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Jake Barker
Song: "When I Was Your Man"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher, Levine, Shakira
The lifelong athlete circumvented his stage fright by recording performance videos on YouTube, and the now-bartender went with Bruno Mars for his first-ever performance, and attracted Usher and Levine after major trills in his falsetto-heavy performance. Levine went for his usual tactic of pointing out what he did wrong, and Usher leaned back into his supportive stance of his individuality. Shakira swooned, "You can allow yourself to be vulnerable with me," but Usher said, "Do you want a mom or a mentor?" which silenced the audience but sealed the deal with Usher.

Ria Eaton
Song: "Cups (When I'm Gone)"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira, Shelton
The daughter of a dancer deviated to singing, but stopped taking lessons when her father lost her job. At the very end of her Pitch Perfect cover, she got two coaches to turn, but Usher and Levine stood up to tease Shelton as he battled from the sidelines. Shakira called her "a pearl in an oyster," which won over applause from Usher and Levine. Eaton still opted for Shelton.

Cierra Mickens
Song: "Crazy"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira, Shelton, Usher
The Alaskan church singer was eyeing law school, but currently helps her father in finding homes for stationed veterans. She brought her enthusiasm to the track by Cee Lo Green (as Gnarls Barkley), and brought Shakira to the stage to engage in some "girl talk" with the auditionee. Though Shelton praised her layered voices, Mickens chose Shakira.

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Alaska & Madi
Song: "Barton Hollow"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Shelton
Alaska Holloway and Madi Metcalf met as members of American Kids, and won the same contest that Shelton did. The Oklahoma duo harmonized on the Civil Wars and intrigued the two Voice champs, and because of the many similarities, they sided with Shelton.

Song: "Stand by Me"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira
After picking up music from her instrumentalist father, the performing arts student is currently a lounge singer in Washington, D.C. Giving the classic her own spin, she won over Shakira.

Josh Kaufman
Song: "One More Try"
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The family man who supports his family by tutoring won over all four coaches, but after all the compliments and logic, Kaufman joined Team Adam.

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Usher also landed Tess Boyer, Shelton won over Cali Tucker (the niece of country legend Tanya Tucker), and Levine recruited Josh Murley and Austin Ellis.

With all the teams tied at 11 singers each, the final episode of The Voice blind auditions airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Which blind audition was your favorite? Which singer picked the wrong coach? Sound off in the comments below.

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