'The Voice' Recap: Bottom Three Plead for Viewers' Save With Last-Minute Performances

Shakira The Voice 4/22 - H 2014

Shakira The Voice 4/22 - H 2014

FYI, there's only one night per season where The Voice only sends home a single singer. For a show with spinning chairs, boxing rings, duets, playoffs and steals, that's just way too stale.

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Instead, the NBC singing show opts for double eliminations, which are determined each Tuesday night by announcing the three finalists with the lowest votes, then triggering viewers -- whether watching live on the East Coast or otherwise -- to tweet their pick to save a singer. After the fragile five-minute window, the performer with the most tweets stays in the competition, while the other two are sent home. (It's one vote per artist per Twitter ID, by the way, but have fun filling your profile with countless RTs that don't count.)

For those who found this unfair last season, Carson Daly did warn us earlier this year to get used to it: "Everyone can participate ... It's just where television's heading." However, while Daly noted that Twitter users are basing their picks on Monday night's performances, season six brings a tweak. Immediately after the announcement, the bottom three each take the stage to plead with a final performance -- a cue possibly taken from American Idol. Daly then begins the crucial commercial break to collect eligible tweets -- even from those who aren't watching those performances live -- and rings the episode back in a minute early with a live update on whose in the lead. (Still, it is probably an improvement from season five's version, which potentially sends home the third-worst singer each week without a proper fight.)

C'est la vie. On to the first-ever Instant Save begging session.

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After Monday night's performances, at the bottom was Usher's T.J. Wilkins, and Shakira's Tess Boyer and Dani Moz. Wilkins went with Edwin McCain's "I'll Be," Moz attempted Adele's "Turning Tables" and Boyer tackled Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side" -- all three of which were impressively strong (especially Boyer), which makes us wonder whether they knew they were on the chopping block beforehand, or they're just incredibly calm under such pressure.

Just before the #VoiceSave window closed, the onscreen progress bar revealed that Boyer was in the lead, followed by Wilkins and then Moz. Final words from Shakira and Usher didn't make a noticeable difference. Boyer was saved, while the public relations professional and the South Central performing arts grad were sent home.

In the episode, Shakira sang (mostly) her latest single "Empire," Blake Shelton took the stage with his top three for Travis Tritt's "Put Some Drive in Your Country" and Adam Levine also performed Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" with his singers.

What did you think of tonight's double elimination? Are you a fan of the Instant Save performances? Sound off in the comments below!

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