'The Voice' Recap: Cee Lo Green Finds a 'Soul Brother'

One contestant attempts a Whitney Houston song, while Green builds his team with some unique voices.

On night five of the blind auditions, one contestant attempts a Whitney Houston song, and a business school dropout hopes to find his place in the music world.

Coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton continue to build their teams, which will total 16 members each by the end of the blind auditions.

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Trevanne Howell
Song: "I Have Nothing”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
Howell breaks the golden rule of singing competitions: Never attempt a Whitney Houston song. While she sounds OK, it’s not enough to get any of the coaches to turn around. They commend her for singing that song, but say she was a little shaky.

Collin McLoughlin
Song: "Wild World”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Shelton, Green, Levine
This NYU business grad school dropout decided to leave education behind to make his way in the music world. He ends up choosing Levine as his coach. Shelton seems genuinely bummed that he won’t be training McLoughlin, who leans towards the acoustic.

Joselyn Rivera
Song: "Stronger”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Aguilera, Shelton
Another contestants with an amazing backstory, Rivera overcame a neurological disorder with the help of music. At first Aguilera isn’t aware that Shelton also pressed his button, so she talks to Rivera as if they’re already paired. But it doesn’t matter because Rivera picks Aguilera anyway.

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Song: “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Levine, Green
Benji, who enjoys driving race cars, did not sound so great to my ears, but Levine and Green seemed interested in his sound. He goes with Levine. Side note: where are Green’s shoes?

Rapid Recap!
Another montage tonight, featuring contestants matched with Green. Todd Kessler, Ben Taub and Emily Earle join Team Cee Lo.

Lorraine Ferro
Song: “Skyscraper”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: None
How annoying is this woman? Very. This voice coach/performer is s a little much personality-wise, which is why I’m very grateful that no one turns around for her.

Mycle Wastman
Song: “Let’s Stay Together”
Coaches Who Turn Their Chairs: Green, Levine, Shelton
This 40-year-old singer was raised by his grandfather after his parents died. His grandfather died a week and a half before his Voice audition. “I don’t sound anything like I look,” he warns.  Green, calling Wastman a “soul brother,” says this performance was the highlight of his day. No surprise with a sound like that that Wastman chooses to be on Green’s team.

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