'The Voice' Recap: Country Crooners and Teenage Dreamers Battle

The Voice Battles Continue - H 2012

The Voice Battles Continue - H 2012

On Tuesday night, the battle rounds continued on The Voice, with the coaches cleaning out some semi-duplicates on their teams.

Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton pitted two members of their teams up against each other, and could only save one. The "steal" was only used by one coach tonight.

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Team Blake's Liz Davis vs. Nicole Johnson
The two country ladies (who look like midgets next to Shelton) sing Shelton's wife's song, Miranda Lambert's "Baggage Claim." Shelton is worried about Liz's diction because her nasally voice makes it hard for her to be understood sometimes. Shelton chooses Liz, and Nicole leaves in tears. Shelton gets out of his chair to give Nicole a nice hug backstage.

Team Adam's Alessandra Guercio vs. Kayla Nevarez
It's the battle of the 17-year-olds with these two pretty musicians singing "Wide Awake." Alessandra, who goes to the "Fame" high school, is a bit of a perfectionist, while Kayla has a natural ease about her. While both wearing sky-high heels, the young singers go to battle. Adam says they both had their issues, but he decides to go with Kayla. Aguilera gives Alessandra a long speech, and then pushes her steal button.

The show speeds through a couple battles in a montage:
Team Cee Lo's Ben Taub vs. Mycle Wastman
Green chooses: Wastman
Team Adam's Adanna Duru vs. Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Levine chooses: Michelle
Team Christina's Beat Frequency vs. Laura Vivas
Aguilera chooses: Laura

Team Cee Lo's Emily Earle vs. Mackenzie Bourg
The young singers take on "Good Time." Mackenzie is dealing with performing without a guitar, which makes him a little more awkward than he already is. His family is screaming in support, but Levine says he didn't like the chemistry in the performance. Green chooses to keep Mackenzie to sing another day. Mackenzie's father gets emotional -- again.

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