'The Voice' Recap: Double Dose of the Top 6

The remaining contestants performed a song of their choice and a song of their coach's choice on Monday's show.

For the first week ever, one coach on The Voice had no ponies in the race. So what will Christina Aguilera do now that she doesn’t have any more contestants vying for the title? As she told The Hollywood Reporter last week, she plans on relaxing and putting her feet up. (We sort of hoped she'd wear sweatpants to Monday's episode, but alas, she kept consistent with another flashy outfit.)

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On Monday’s live show, the Top 6 performed twice. Each contestant did one performance of a song they chose, and one of a song chosen by their coach. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green each have two contestants on their teams. Green was feeling sick this week, so Patrick Monahan from Train helped mentor his team.

Team Cee Lo

Nicholas David starts things off with “September," which he was assigned by Green. His voice is so great, but it’s hard to not be distracted by all of that stuff going on onstage. The backup singers are especially distracting.

For his own choice, he selects "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for a slower pace. He closes out the show with this cool rendition of the song, and we sort of wish he could always select his own songs.

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Trevin Hunte is assigned "Walking on Sunshine," and he hits some great notes in it, but the song feels a little dated.

Hunte selects “And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going” for his own song, and it’s a much stronger performance. Although we think this song is way too overused in singing competitions, it does allow Hunte to show off his amazing voice.

Team Adam

Amanda Brown picks "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” and really rocks it. It’s a great song to show off her strong rocker vibe and great stage presence.

Levine assigns her "Here I Go Again,” which she also rocks. There’s no stopping this girl, no matter what song she has. As Levine hoped, she was able to show off her range tonight.

Melanie Martinez chooses "Crazy,” which was by Green’s Gnarls Barkley. She turns it into one of her signature indie songs, which we’re honestly getting a little tired of. Sure, her voice is cool. But could you really listen to a bunch of the same-sounding songs over and over?

Levine picks "The Show" for Martinez. It’s a much lighter, younger feeling performance, but we’re not sure about the stage production that Levine designed to go with it.

Team Blake

Cassadee Pope is assigned “Stand.” Pope continues to successfully take a country tune and make it her own. Aguilera is a big fan of hers, and it seems that Pope will continue to be the front-runner. She’s got the experience and continues to own the stage.

For her own choice, Pope picks “I’m With You,” by Avril Lavigne. It’s pretty clear that Pope loves all things Avril Lavigne, but it’s not really that fun to watch her basically copy exactly what Lavigne did with the song. She’s still good at it, but we like to see these artists take a song and make it their own.

Terry McDermott’s choice is in memory of his late mother. It’s a stripped-down version of "I Want to Know What Love Is.” It’s a smart move to have the song stripped down, which gives McDermott a chance to show off his raw talent.

Shelton chooses "Stay With Me" for McDermott, which is a performance closer to the ones we’ve seen before. The coaches still love his ‘80s rocker vibe. Levine calls McDermott "the most consistent" contestant.

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