'The Voice' Recap: Final 3 Singers Revealed

Three coaches are also headed to next week's finale, while two were sent home after last-chance performances of Carrie Underwood tracks.
The Voice

The Voice has revealed who will be competing in its final week of the season, trimming down from five singers to three on Tuesday night.

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Once again, the Instant Save was employed after noting which two singers had the top performances on Monday night and secured a spot in the finale: Blake Shelton's country singer, Jake Worthington, and Usher's soul man, Josh Kaufman, both of whom are the only two men left standing in the singing show.

Therefore, the bottom three contestants were Shakira's Kristen Merlin and Adam Levine's Kat Perkins and Christina Grimmie, and only one could be saved by collecting enough tweets within the fragile five-minute window.

After debuting her high energy onstage last night, Merlin reprised the decision with another upbeat track, Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away." Though it wasn't her strongest or most supported impression, Shelton said it's been "magical" to watch her grow under Shakira's wing.

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Though she deviated from her usual rock genre this week, Perkins went with guitar-heavy country track (and another Underwood song), "Good Girl." Usher said that though she was on the chopping block for the third time, she electrified the audience.

Grimmie chose to channel OneRepublic's "Apologize" -- an ambitious song choice that she filled with a ton of high notes -- but Levine noted that if she moves forward, she'll win the entire show.

When the #VoiceSave window closed, Carson Daly noted that there was a glitch with the onscreen progress bar (oh really?), but very shortly afterward, the third finalist was named: Grimmie will face Worthington and Kaufman next week.

That puts Perkins out of the competition (for good this time) as well as Merlin and her coach, Shakira.

Throughout the episode, Rascal Flatts sang "Rewind" ("representing country very well," as Adam Levine would probably say) and Ed Sheeran stopped by to announce his performance at the finale next week. The season five finalists (and Voice tour artists) also shared their latest singles: Christina Aguilera's Jacquie Lee performed "Broken Ones," Levine's Will Champlin sang "Eye of the Pyramid" and Levine's winner Tessanne Chin took the stage for "Everything Reminds Me of You."

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The Voice returns for its final week on Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

What did you think of tonight's eliminations? Who did you tweet to save? Which season five single did you like best? Sound off in the comments below!

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