'The Voice': Final Four Perform Original Singles, Covers and Duets

The Voice - Publicity - H 2019
Trae Patton/NBC

The top four performed in the finale for NBC's The Voice season 17 on Monday night. Coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson were all represented in the finals, but the decision was ultimately up to the viewers as to who would become the next champion. Each finalist sang three times, performing a cover, an original single and a holiday duet with their coach.

Ricky Duran was up first, singing his cover of Tom Petty's “Running Down a Dream.” The song was definitely in his lane, and he was able to showcase the kind of rock artist that he wants to be. He put on a good show, working the crowd and singing well. Clarkson praised his range.

Jake Hoot from Team Kelly followed with his original song “Better Off Without You.” The tune was about his divorce, and he delivered on the emotional front. He was the only one of the final four to write his original song. He played to his base and showcased his strengths, giving himself a solid shot at winning the whole thing early on.

Team John’s Katie Kadan was up next, singing with Legend in a duet of “Merry Christmas Baby.” The harmonies were strong, but the duets definitely felt like filler.

Team Gwen’s Rose Short debuted her original song “Steamroller,” which she said reflected the way she has pushed through life. She showcased her range and sounded particularly strong in her lower register. Shelton was particularly impressed, even though she isn’t his artist.

Duran came back to the stage for his duet with Shelton. They sang “Run Run Rudolph,” and it was a fun performance that highlighted their guitar skills.

Kadan came back to the stage with her original song “All Better.” She sang with conviction, combining theatrics and strong technical skills to make for a well-rounded performance. Of the original singles, hers stood out, as she delivered a full package and staying true to herself.

Hoot returned to sing “Winter Song” by Sarah McLachlan with his coach, Clarkson. They sang well together, and Hoot got to show off some of his range.

Short and Stefani next sang “My Gift Is You,” an original holiday single by Stefani. They blended very well together, and Short stood out as a powerful vocalist in this duet.

Hoot returned for his cover of “Amazed” by Lonestar. He showed off his country roots and played to his base with this one, which was a smart move since country singers usually do well on the show.

Kadan covered Aerosmith's “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” proving that she is the most versatile artist in the finals. Her ad libs were impressive, and she sang the song as if it were her own.

Duran pulled off a memorable original song. His single was called “A Woman Like Her,” and he brought passion and a country-rock sound to it, giving his best performance of the night. Clarkson compared him to Bruce Springsteen, and overall, he gave a strong view of what he would be like as a solo artist.

Short closed things out on a high note, performing a cover of "Border Song" by Elton John. She made the song her own and sang with enthusiasm and power.

A winner will be crowned in the live finale on Tuesday night. Who has your vote?