'The Voice' Recap: Jamaican Rocker and Indie Introvert Top Blind Auditions Night 2

The Voice Episode 2 - H 2013

The Voice Episode 2 - H 2013

Night two of the Blind Auditions showcased an eclectic group of The Voice auditionees, including a Rugrats voiceover actress, an Air Force veteran and a human flugelhorn, along with a handful of musicians’ talented kids.

And besides hearing Christina Aguilera's best impression of Blake Shelton (as approved by Adam Levine), we learned a few of Cee Lo Green’s Blind Audition gimmick weaknesses – either audition with a sitcom theme song or imitate an instrument with your mouth. Otherwise, just settle for wearing studded biker boots that make him wonder where you shop more than how you sound.

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Meet the latest singers to join The Voice’s fifth season (and the ones who couldn’t turn a chair):

Jaquie Lee
Song: “Back to Black”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Aguilera
The 16-year-old sweetheart often sings for charity events and cancer patients, and held her own on the Amy Winehouse hit. Shelton touted his three-peat record, and though Green didn’t turn his chair, he had to ask the best question of the night: “Did you buy those boots from Aldo?” just before taking a picture of them.

Barry Black
Song: “What You Won’t Do For Love”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Shelton
Leaving the family hotel business to pursue music, the self-taught guitarist and band singer showed off his instrument-less flugelhorn imitation abilities. We’re convinced the Maroon 5 frontman turned purely for curiosity – Levine didn’t fight for the contestant as hard as he did for, say, Donna Allen or Nic Hawk last night – but Black got the spot on Team Adam anyway.

Mike Unser
Song: “Dirty Little Secret”
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The misunderstood band member who struggled with his parents’ divorce tried his hardest on the All American Rejects song, and though he didn’t turn a chair, we’re hoping he tries out for his local production of Rent or any other rock opera ASAP.

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Destinee Quinn
Song: “Cowboy Take Me Away”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Green
Currently a bar musician, the country singer once won Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding talent competition. Her Dixie Chicks cover didn’t turn Shelton’s chair (who then expressed his regret), but she happily opted for Aguilera.

Cole Vosbury
Song: “Movin’ On Up”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Green
The bearded musical prodigy (his grandmother, she says, is the only girl who ever turned down Elvis Presley) took a risk by performing a rock rendition of The Jeffersons theme song. “Anybody who has the audacity to do this song, I need to be associated with,” says Green, who was also coach to similar singer Nicholas David in season 3.

Holly Henry
Song: “The Scientist”
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The 19-year-old indie introvert sees herself more as a songwriter than a performer – a stage fright she sidestepped to helm this Coldplay cover that charmed all four coaches. In the end, she chose Shelton, who pressed his button first and we think would best help her emerge into a serious contender.

Sammy C.
Song: “Where Is The Love?”
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The Newport Beach teen was diagnosed with alopecia as a child, and performed both the rap and singing sections of the Black Eyed Peas breakout. “I was actually confused about whether or not it was a duo up there,” said Green, commending his emcee abilities. Like Morgan Mallory, Shaymari, and Seth Cook, he walked away without a coach.

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Austin Jenckes
Song: “Simple Man”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Green, Shelton
The part-time tour guide (via scooters!) grew up with a musical father who eventually took his own life. His performance of the Lynyrd Skynyrd song on his father’s guitar scored him a spot on Shelton’s team.

E. G. Daily
Song: “Breathe”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Green
The seasoned voiceover actress (of Rugrats’ Tommy Pickles and Powerpuff Girls’ Buttercup!) hoped to return to music with a raspy rendition of the Faith Hill hit. After her speaking voice triggered Aguilera’s memory, Daily went for the coach who she thinks appreciated her singing voice more – Shelton.

Jonny Gray
Song: “All These Things That I’ve Done”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Green, Levine
The Air Force veteran heals from his time overseas through music – Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane actually eased him while he was deployed – and he echoed the Killers’ hit with ease. Though he went into the audition hoping for Levine, Gray heard Green’s poetic plea and joined Team Cee Lo.

Tessanne Chin
Song: “Try”
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The Jamaican singer who grew up with musical parents and sang backup for Jimmy Cliff actually loves rock music (think Papa Roach). She unanimously dropped jaws with her P!nk performance, and then selected a lucky Levine.

After the second night of Blind Auditions, the contestant count puts Team Adam and Team Christina with five singers each, and Team Cee Lo and Team Blake with four each.

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