'The Voice' Recap: Soul Singers and Kaley Cuoco's Sister Rock Blind Auditions Night 3

A Washington firefighter, a Christian rock guitarist and the "Big Bang Theory" star's personal assistant/sibling sing for stardom, while Shelton touts his three trophies to auditionees.
Briana Cuoco

The blind auditions continued on NBC’s The Voice with a Washington firefighter, a Christian rock guitarist and the personal assistant/sister to a Big Bang Theory lead. The night was full of childhood singers and soulful voices, each hoping to coax coaches Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

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Meet the latest additions to the fifth season of The Voice (and who couldn’t convince a coach to turn around):

Ray Boudreaux
Song: “Use Me”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Green
The small-town father who mows lawns between music gigs put his soulful tone on the Bill Withers song, surprising all the coaches upon reveal. “You look like Blake but you sound like Cee Lo, which is mind-blowing to me,” says Levine, while Shelton called his voice “swampy” – an adjective that won him over to Team Blake.

Lina Gaudenzi
Song: “Landslide”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Shelton
The Miami native and former teen model (following her mother, one of the first Victoria’s Secret faces) studied classical music and opera and went soul-searching in Paris, and added her own bluesy curls to the Fleetwood Mac ballad that sounded so reminiscent of Aguilera’s style. After Levine leaped to Aguilera’s defense, she joined Team Xtina.

Song: “Mercy”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Green, Aguilera
The Tennessee high school senior hopes to test out her chances at rock music before studying aerospace engineering or computer science in college. Though she vocally mimicked Duffy onstage (the only time we’re wishing The Voice were like American Idol in that contestants can be asked to sing a second audition song, but that’s what the battle rounds are for), we know Green can coax the individuality out of her.

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Malford Milligan
Song: “Let’s Stay Together”
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The 54-year-old is an African-American albino who worked in cotton fields as a child, but found solace in music and once toured with B.B. King. His Al Green performance was too identical to the classic and, like contestants John Travis, Kenny Araujo and Jeremiah Richey, he walked offstage without a coach.

Justin Blake
Song: “Sure Be Cool If You Did”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine
The escort driver with a baby on the way took a risk by singing a song by Shelton, who laughed just after the first chords played. Though the song’s original singer didn’t press his button, Levine was happy to recruit a country singer to his team -- especially since he didn’t know it was Shelton’s song onstage!

Song: “Girl on Fire”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Shelton, Green
The 15-year-old San Diegan momentarily moved in with her vocal coach when hard times hit her family. Her attempt to tackle the ambitious Alicia Keys hit won over three coaches, and she opted for the one who turned first -- Aguilera.

Monika Leigh
Song: “The Thrill Is Gone”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Green, Shelton
The childhood singer scared herself away from pursuing music when she was 22, but after four years away from the microphone, she brought a subtle, soulful personality to the bluesy Roy Hawkins hit. She joined Team Blake, just after the coach whipped out his three Voice trophies.

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Zach Hinson
Song: “Drunk on You”
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The Washington firefighter hopes for a more creative -- and safe -- livelihood in music, and brought his guitar and cowboy hat onstage for the Luke Bryan song. “I would’ve said from Texas -- that’s a cowboy up there,” said Shelton, before giving him advice for conquering the country genre sound.

Briana Cuoco
Song: “You and I”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Green
Currently a personal assistant to her sister, The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, the altruistic indie singer tried out with the Lady Gaga ballad. Though her timing and pitch were initially shaky, she regained her footing during the chorus to entice two coaches. She opted for “girl power!” in Aguilera.

George Horga Jr.
Song: “Treasure”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Green,
The 19-year-old Romanian hopeful moved from Portland to Hollywood to pursue music and put his charismatic pop vocals on the Bruno Mars hit, working a lady-heavy audience and earning a spot on Green’s team. “I thought, ‘He’s gotta be cute,’ because I saw the girls jumping up in the back!” said Aguilera, oh so accurately, as he joined Team Cee Lo.

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The show skipped over another handful of auditions, but Anthony Paul also joined Green’s team after singing “With You” by Chris Brown; Cilla Chan won over Shelton with “Come & Get It” by Selena Gomez; and Jacob Poole scored a spot on Aguilera’s team with Train’s “Marry Me.”

Preston Pohl
Song: “Electric Feel”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Levine, Green
The Texas native played guitar in a Christian rock band, but fell out of musicianship after a band member and mentor passed away. We think his raspy timbre on the MGMT hit makes him musically fit for Green’s team, but Pohl picked Levine, who we believe will respect his individuality.

Night three of the blind auditions puts Aguilera in the lead with eight singers, while each of the boys have seven on their teams. Which contestants picked the wrong coaches, and which should’ve scored a spot? Sound off in the comments below.

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