'The Voice' Live Show: Team Blake and Team Christina Perform

Twelve contestants took the stage for the first night of live performances on NBC's singing competition.
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Jermaine Paul

The remaining 24 contestants of The Voice have made it through the blind auditions and the battle round, but now they have to leave it all on the table and hope that America loves them enough to stay.

In the live rounds, each singer will perform live and America can vote for who they would like to save from each team. Then, on Tuesday, the members of the team who are not saved will be up for elimination, and the judges will have to select one member of each team to send home.

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Christina Aguilera's and Blake Shelton’s teams will kick off the live shows this week, with six artists from each team performing. Team Adam and Team Cee Lo will perform next Monday.

Read on to see how each of the contestants fared during Tuesday's broadcast.

Jermaine Paul
Jermaine Paul, from Team Blake, is singing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” “This is not just some competition for me, this is real,” the former backup singer for Alicia Keys says to the camera during rehearsals. He takes the stage in a white jacket and black pants. He walks through the audience and hits the stage with plenty of energy, delivering his final note with plenty of power.

“You really worked the stage,” Christina says to Jermaine. “You milked every single opportunity of that song that you could make it your own with.” She questions Blake’s song choice.

Blake says he sees this song skyrocketing to the top of iTunes because women like hearing him sing that song.

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Chris Mann
Chris Mann, from Team Christina, is singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” “My mom is all I can think about when I sing this song,” says the singer. Mann stands in the middle of a darkly lit stage, with just a piano backing his powerful voice. Near the end, Mann shows off some runs, just to remind the audience that he’s got the vocal chops.

Both Cee Lo and Adam think he sounds amazing. Christina, who gives him a standing ovation, says,  “It was so beautiful, and so heartfelt.” “What I loved about it is you really made it your own,” she adds.

The 17-year-old country crooner from Team Blake is singing a judge’s song: “Wake Up Call,” by Adam Levine’s group, Maroon 5. “It is a risk taking a famous pop song and turning it into country,” she says.

When she takes the stage with her signature flower in her hair, RaeLynn has clearly turned the song into a twangy tune. She marches around the stage with a lot of confidence, showing off her trademark sound. It’s a lot of sass, but the sound doesn’t exactly work for this song.

At the end of the performance, RaeLynn runs off the stage to give Adam a hug. “You broke my heart twice. You broke my heart when you didn’t pick me, and you broke my heart again when you did our song,” Adam tells her.

Blake says she’s representing the “new sound of country music.”

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Moses Stone
From Team Christina, rapper Moses Stone is singing Kanye West’s “Stronger” and “Power.”

His performance includes plenty of background dancers and complicated showmanship, but there’s a strange rock accent to it, and it doesn’t seem to fit Stone. It’s clear he’s trying to show off that he can sing also, but his voice isn’t quite strong enough.
 “There’s no doubt you know how to entertain people,” Adam says. “I think that you actually have a lot more potential as a singer than a rapper.”

“You started out singing, and you closed it singing. You’re just an all-in-one. You do it all,” says Aguilera.

Naia Kete
The 21-year-old L.A. street performer from Team Blake, Naia Kete, will be performing “Turning Tables” by Adele.

She decides not to do the song reggae-style, even though that’s her background. Her voice sounds a little weak, and it would have probably been better to go with her own style.

“One of the things that was important for Naia was to prove that she can do more than reggae,” Blake says after Christina says she wishes it were more in the reggae style.

Lindsey Pavoa
A bartender and aspiring singer, Lindsay Pavoa from Team Christina is singing Gotye's “Somebody That I Used to Know.” She starts very off-key, and even the masked dancers can’t hide the fact that she can’t seem to find the notes.

The performance has a great eerie vibe, but her voice just doesn’t have the power for it.

“What I love is that you bring your own unique style,” says Christina. “You stand alone in a category all your own.” Lindsay does not look very happy while she’s hearing comments from the coaches.

Jordis Unga
Jordis, from Team Blake, is performing “Heart” for the live show. She starts off a little shaky, but gets her confidence as the performance goes on. She doesn’t play it safe, but she seems to be pushing herself on the big notes.

“I’m so glad that America has the chance to find out who you are,” Blake says.

Sera Hill
Sera Hill, from Team Christina, is singing “Find Your Love” by Drake. Aguilera encourages her to sing it harder, and “less pretty.”

When she takes the stage, Sera is surrounded by shirtless men. Wearing a white pantsuit, Sera’s voice sounds great, and she owns the runs at the end. She even does some choreographed dancing while singing.

“It’s hard to get past the male strippers on the stage,” Blake says.

“You look like a diva in training,” says Christina. “You look like you owned it up there.”

Erin Willett
Erin Willett, who overthinks things according to Blake, is singing “Living for the City.” Her voice starts out strong and loud, and she’s playing the piano at the same time. She then walks away from the piano, and walks around the stage for the rest of the song.

Cee Lo says she had a great performance, and Blake agrees.

Ashley De La Rosa
The 17-year-old from Team Christina is singing the Alanis Morissette classic “Right Through You.”

Host Carson Daly accidentally calls the song “Right Through It” while introducing it. Ashley wears a black dress and boots, and tries to show off her unique voice. However, she seems to need a little more strength in her voice, especially in the chorus.  She has a lot of energy on stage.

Adam calls her “the most improved” and says she did everything perfectly.

Charlotte Sometimes
From Team Blake, Charlotte is singing a down-tempo version of Paramore's “Misery Business.” She says she wants to show she can arrange songs and is not just a singer.

She wears a long gown as she appears on stage. She is backed by classical musicians, and shows off by holding some long notes. She’s got some pitch problems but holds fast to her unique voice.

Adam praises her unique sound, and Christina says she was surprised by how good her performance was. Blake praises her for her arrangement of the song.

Jesse Campbell
The soulful father from Los Angeles is the final performer of the night, taking on Louis Armstrong's “What a Wonderful World.” The actor stands at a mic for the song, without any flashy dancers in the background. He doesn’t seem to need any of that fanfare because he has such a great voice and says this song represents his story.

Both Adam and Cee Lo praise his performance, with Adam saying that if a member of his team doesn't win, he hopes it will be Jesse.

“Aren’t you glad you have the only sober coach up here,” Aguilera jokes, ending the show on a classy note.

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