'The Voice' Recap: Live Shows Begin

The Voice Adam Levine in Judge's Chair - H 2012
Tyler Golden/NBC

The Voice Adam Levine in Judge's Chair - H 2012

The time had finally arrived to cast your vote.

For The Voice, that is.

The live shows kicked off on Monday night, with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s team members performing in hopes of earning America’s vote.

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This week, The Voice will air on three nights, in a special “Election Week” schedule. NBC has added special live broadcasts of The Voice on Wednesday, Nov. 7 (8-10 p.m. ET) and on Thursday, Nov. 8 (8-9 p.m. ET) -- as well as its regular airing on Monday, Nov. 5 (8-10 p.m. ET).

Team Adam

Joselyn Rivera took on Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break" to show off her range and prove she can walk and sing onstage. Shelton is her number one fan, and cheers her on: “You look good on a stage like this. You look like a star.”

With her unique looks and sweet little voice, Melanie Martinez takes a risk with "Hit the Road Jack." We’re not sure if she’s got enough sass to pull this one off, but Adam’s head nods seem to indicate that he likes it.

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The lone male contestant on Team Adam, Bryan Keith performs "Iris." Christina Aguilera praises the passion he puts into the song.

Loren Allred may not be able to move beyond her wedding singer capabilities, and she falters on "All Around the World." Levine probably says it best when he starts: "Next time, hopefully there will be a next time…”

Amanda Brown, who we like to call “the total package,” delivers once again, ending the show on a very high note. While performing "Dream On,” she’s got the stage presence, the power strut and the voice that a star needs. Levine calls it "the best performance of the night."  We agree.

Team Blake

Scottish singer Terry McDermott makes his performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" look easy. He’s got great confidence and Aguilera praises his "precise clearness."

Liz Davis goes for America’s patriotic vote with "Independence Day." The country crooner is a strong singer and Shelton says that he’s glad he brought her as his country representative. "It made me proud to be in America, where at least I know I'm free," says Cee Lo Green. (Although, Green, we’d like to point out that the lyrics of this song are really about a woman escaping her abusive husband, but we guess that makes her free too.)

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We want Cassadee Pope to be memorable, we really do. And while her performance of “My Happy Ending” isn’t bad, it’s not anything to write home about. Is she a fine singer? Sure. Is she a winner? Probably not. Shelton, however, gives her a standing ovation.

The youngest contestant on the show, Michaela Paige sings  "Everybody Talks.” Shelton says he loves how she makes every song her own, which, this time, meant sporting a sky-high Mohawk.

Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you have to love Julio Cesar Castillo’s performance of "El Rey." His voice is so powerful and his energy is phenomenal. He gets a standing ovation from the audience, and Aguilera praises the “richness” of his vibrato with a long “mmmm” while miming eating something delicious. Yum.

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