'The Voice' Recap: The Final Three Perform

The show opened with the season three contestants and coaches singing "Hallelujah" in remembrance of the Newtown shooting victims.

It's all come down to this.

It's the final week of The Voice's third season, with the final three contestants -- Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott and Nicholas David -- singing their hearts out in hopes of winning America's vote.

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Monday's show opens with all four coaches and host Carson Daly joining the season three contestants to sing "Hallelujah" in remembrance of the victims of the Newtown, Conn., shooting. Each person holds a sign with a victim's name and age on it.

After that somber moment, it's time for the show to begin with Cee Lo Green's Nicholas David. David, who says he's chosen songs with a message all season, sings "Great Balls of Fire" and "Fire" -- accompanied by real fire. While we personally like songs that are a bit quieter like last week's, we did get to see David's really special dance moves. Adam Levine says he's glad that David went lighter and had fun tonight. "Your fire burned this house down," says Green.

Blake Shelton's Cassadee Pope decides to sing -- again -- "Over You," which is the song that got her to the Top 10 of the iTunes chart a few weeks back. On a sidenote, Pope told THR backstage last week that she wasn't sure about the ball gown she wore on the show, but she's sporting another fancy dress tonight, so they must be growing on her. The coaches all praise her shiny dress and her amazing voice.

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Terry McDermott and his family got to visit Shelton at his home this week. McDermott and Shelton team up to sing "Dude Looks Like a Lady" with a "special guest" on guitar. That special guest happens to be a wig-wearing, shirtless Levine.

David continues his preacher-in-training regime with "Lean on Me." Green says he appreciates him so much and loves his energy. "I believe in you, you make me believe," he says.

McDermott gets his solo next with "Broken Wings." Levine says that it was clear that something was going wrong mechanically in the beginning, and McDermott nods his head in agreement. But Shelton points out that the type of singing that McDermott does is very difficult, and he respects him for it.

Pope teams up with Shelton next to sing "Steve McQueen." It's fine, but you know what Pope should never do? Sing through a megaphone.

McDermott revisits "I Want to Know What Love Is" next. The king of the '80s hits continues his reign with this one. Christina Aguilera praises his work ethic, and Shelton says he thinks McDermott sang the song even better tonight than the first time.

David teams with Green for "Play That Funky Music," which is fitting since they are the leaders of the funk movement on this show. But what really stands out about this performance would be the mini-Cee Lo that takes the stage. His name is Milo. That's all we get to know about him.

Pope closes out the show. She reveals that her father contacted her, and that they have spoken about reconnecting. She sings "Cry" for her final performance. Pope has always excelled with emotional songs, and this is another powerful performance from her. "I've never heard you sing as good as you've seen tonight, and that's saying a lot," says her coach, Shelton.

What did you think of tonight's performances? And who should be crowned the winner on Tuesday? Sound off in the comments section below.