'The Voice' Recap: The Semifinalists Get Emotional

The remaining members of Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green's teams performed on Monday's live show.

The four remaining Voice contestants -- Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David -- performed on Monday's one-hour episode in hopes of making it to next week's season three finale.

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The show opened with Carson Daly announcing that only one contestant would be cut on Tuesday's show, so three of the remaining four would move on to next week's finale. That should be happy news for the contestants, but did anyone notice that the semifinalists looked so sad throughout this episode. Are they just tired? Nervous?

After Daly shared a few kind words for the family and friends of Jenni Rivera, a judge on Mexico's The Voice who tragically died in a plane crash on Saturday, Michael Buble performed a holiday song for the audience.

Then it was time to get down to business with Blake Shelton's (Pope and McDermott) and Cee Lo Green's (Hunte and David) contestants singing their hearts out in hopes of making it to next week.

After a clip showing him visiting his hometown and middle school, Hunte sings "Wind Beneath My Wings." It's another emotional song for Hunte, which seems to work well for him because he isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. And of course, his voice is so strong, especially now that he seems more confident than in his early days on the show. After he's done, all of the coaches praise his performance, but why does Hunte look so sad?

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David sings "You Are So Beautiful," which is dedicated to his family. David looks pretty snazzy in his suit this week and check out that giant ring. Other than his shiny new digs, his voice is still as soulful as ever. Apparently it's so emotional that he needs to sit down after? We're not sure what's going on with that. Green mentions that they disagreed about the direction they should go with this performance, but he says he's happy with the way it turned out.

Pope sings "Stupid Boy" in a fierce ball gown. So sparkly! Shelton looks on like a proud papa as Pope's rocker voice handles this pretty emotional song very well. Pete Wentz is in the audience to cheer on his friend. Christina Aguilera says she sounds so good she almost sounds auto-tuned. Shelton says that she has the ability to connect to lyrics like no one else that he's met.

McDermott closes out the show with "Let It Be." He hits some great notes that are goose bumps-inducing. Adam Levine is basically speechless, but finally says that it was really inspiring. Shelton adds: "That was musical perfection."

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