'The Voice' Recap: Son of Chicago Band Member Rules Blind Auditions Night 4

A Groupon employee, a YouTube sensation and a computer programmer also try their chances, while one season 4 auditionee returns to the stage.

Night 4 of the blind auditions on NBC’s The Voice proved that even when gifted with an interesting voice, the wrong song choice can shatter your chances of scoring a spot with either Adam LevineChristina AguileraCee Lo Green or Blake Shelton. But even if you audition with the wrong tune, you can always try again next season – and perform for two rotating coaches who never heard your vocal missteps the first time around.

Meet the singers who successfully enticed a coach to recruit them to a season five team (and the ones who nearly did):

Will Champlin
Song: “Not Over You”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Levine, Green
The son of Chicago band member Bill Champlin showed off his range on the Gavin DeGraw hit, most similarly to Levine’s style with Maroon 5. Even though Shelton complimented his outfit (“You sing your ass off, that’s probably why you wear suspenders to hold your jeans up,”) Champlin leaned toward Levine, who referred to him as a male version of season 4’s Michelle Chamuel.

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Macey Estes
Song: “The Way”
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The high school show choir graduate put off college to audition with the Ariana Grande breakout track, but she came off too young for the coaches. Too bad she sounded a little older when she debuted her rap about The Voice.

Stephanie Anne Johnson
Song: “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Green
The classical voice scholar hopes to pursue a career in indie soul, but has been gigging on cruise ships for eight months at a time. Though Green mentioned that she sang “church music, if you will,” and reminded him of season one finalist Vicci Martinez (coincidentally, a classmate of Johnson’s), she docked with Aguilera. We’re not sure if that was the best decision, but Green’s face read that he plans to happily steal her.

Sam Cerniglia
Song: “It’s a Beautiful Day”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Green
The Groupon customer service representative plays events with his band, but wants to support his two ailing sisters with stardom. We’re guessing his nerves got the best of him early on during the Michael Bublé song, but once he got two chairs to turn, he sided with Shelton.

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Jennifer Newberry
Song: “Locked Out of Heaven”
Coaches who turned their chairs: None
The Sweden transplant who sings in Seattle casinos put her breathy voice on the Bruno Mars track, but the coaches agreed that because of her misfit song choice, she was unsure of her identity and signature sound. Like contestants Yasmin, Roy Schneider and Manuel Romero, Newberry walked away without a coach.

James Irwin
Song: “Losing My Religion”
Coaches who turned their chairs: All four
After trying out last season and turning no chairs, the St. Louis father (who previously auditioned with a shaky performance of The Script’s “Man Who Can’t Be Moved”) returned with newfound confidence and so much more stage presence when singing the R.E.M. hit. Irwin sided with the only coach to point out the audition’s weaknesses – Levine.

Olivia Henken
Song: “Two Black Cadillacs”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Green
The childhood country singer has been performing all over Kentucky, with her parents helping as her management and crew. “I’m glad Blake didn’t push his button!” teased Aguilera, who eventually won her over.

Jason Kertson
Song: “Lips of an Angel”
Coaches who turned their chairs: None
The YouTube sensation first collected views for playing two guitars at once, but sounded much older than sixteen years old when the Hinder hit.

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R. Anthony
Song: “Hall of Fame”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Aguilera, Green
Previously part of a gospel trio, the family man hoped to get back into music by sounding off on The Script song. Green turned his chair at the very last second of the audition, which was still enough to bring him to Teem Cee Lo.

Keaira LaShae also landed with Green, while Aguilera recruited Amber Nicole, and Shelton seized Emily Randolph.

Justin Chain
Song: “She’s Country”
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton
After surviving a horrific motorcycle accident, Chain auditioned with the Jason Aldean song that quickly turned Shelton’s chair, leaving the other coaches to not even bother competing with the country genre coach.

Ashley DuBose
Song: “Diamonds”
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The computer programmer analyst and single parent opted for the Rihanna hit – a vocally limiting option that won over all the coaches. Despite the unanimous begging, she picked Levine.

Night 4 of the blind auditions left Levine and Aguilera with ten singers each, while Shelton and Green both have nine. Which contestants picked the wrong coaches, and which should’ve scored a spot? Sound off in the comments below.

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