'The Voice' Quarterfinals: Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green Make Instant Eliminations

Tony Lucca was the star of the night with his surprise Mouseketeer-dedicated performance on Monday.

On Monday on The Voice, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green’s remaining four contestants performed, and then the two coaches were forced to make instant eliminations. But the standout performance of the night was a result of coach Christina Aguilera’s scathing comments about Levine’s team member Tony Lucca. After she accused her former Mickey Mouse Club cast mate of having an unfair advantage because of his celebrity supporter from fellow former mouseketeer Justin Timberlake in an earlier show, Lucca responded by putting on a great surprise performance.

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Green and his team performed “Dancing in the Street” in a fun black-and-white number. Green also returned to the stage for a reunion with Goodie Mob. The group wore futuristic gold gladiator outfits and glowing grills. Team Adam performed “Instant Karma,” with Levine jumping on the drums.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Monday's show.

Jamar Rogers: “It’s My Life”
Rogers’ powerful story made this a great song choice for him. He belted the lyrics with a good amount of emotion, with flames dancing in the background.

Katrina Parker: “Jar of Hearts”
Levine chose the emotional tune “Jar of Hearts” for Katrina. She stood at the center of the stage, surrounded by a bright pink heart. Just like Adele, she didn’t move at all, focusing on her voice. Adam admitted that she wasn’t one of his favorites in the beginning, but he credited her for evolving over the weeks.

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Mathai: “I’m Like a Bird”
Levine said he was really excited for Mathai to sing this Nelly Furtado song, but Mathai seemed more concerned. Her version of the song doesn’t seem to fly during the faster paced parts. But hey, look, an aerialist. After Mathai’s performance, Adam said he wasn’t aware that there would be a “sketchy dude” flying over her.

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James Massone: “Just the Way You Are”
Green continued to give James the lady-pleasing songs. This song didn’t really show his range. We already know he can do the romance music, but can he do anything else?

Tony Lucca: “Hit Me Baby One More Time”
Levine and Tony decide to listen to Aguilera’s harsh criticism by pushing Lucca outside of his comfort zone. “You’re going to break a few eggs while you’re making this omelet,” said Levine in rehearsal. In a genius move, Luca sang Britney Spears’ pop hit with a darker twist. And it even sounded good. Aguilera responded by jokingly calling for a Mickey Mouse Club reunion.

Cheesa: “I Have Nothing”
Cheesa, who loves divas, performed a Whitney Houston song, which is always a risk. Cheesa can almost match Houston’s vocal power, but would it be enough to keep her in the competition?

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Pip: “Somewhere Only We Know”
Pip, formerly known for his bow-tie wearing, played the piano while singing this soulful song. He hoped to impress Levine this week, and maybe getting rid of the bow-tie was part of that. Vocally, his performance wasn’t one of the stronger of the night.

Juliet Simms: “Crying”
Juliet continued to rock it with this emotional hit. She looked like an angel of death wearing big black wings (or were those borrowed from a Victoria’s Secret model?). And it rained feathers.

And then it was time for instant eliminations. Green went first, saying tonight had been “bittersweet” for him because of this heavy decision. He decided to send James Massone home, saving Cheesa, Jamar and Juliet from elimination. As for Levine, he decided to send non-bow-tie-wearing Pip home, saving Tony, Mathai and Katrina.

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