'The Voice': Top 5 Eliminates One Coach

The Voice Coaches Season 7 H 2014
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The Voice Coaches Season 7 H 2014

Thanks to Tuesday night's triple-elimination episode, it's now down to five singers and three coaches on The Voice.

After a few alumni performances — season-six finalist Christina Grimmie introduced her debut single "With Love," and season-two contestant RaeLynn sang "God Made Girls" — the bottom four (!!!) were revealed.

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The four singers with the lowest number of viewer votes on their Monday night performances were challenged to perform for the #InstantSave, which has audiences at home voting during a fragile five-minute window (via Twitter or the Voice app) to keep one of endangered singers in the competition. (Unlike last week's bottom three, no one reached for songs of a relatively recent decade.)

Last lady standing DaNica Shirey of Team Pharrell championed Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind," not showing any loss of composure or show-stopping moments, despite singing from the chopping block. Pharrell Williams' Luke Wade then crooned on "Stand By Me," a song choice that starts a singer off strong, but falls into a few odd pauses during the sparse chorus.

Gwen Stefani's twice-saved singer Ryan Sill sang Bryan Adams' "Heaven," yet despite his sweet tone, as well as all the runs he threw in, the dynamics and the level of excitement remained the same throughout his ninety seconds. And Adam Levine's Chris Jamison ambitiously aimed to appeal with Ray Charles' rendition of "Georgia on My Mind," proving that he can handle classics as well as current chart-toppers (even if he does close his eyes onstage way too much, but not even that will deter audiences from loving the pretty-looking and sounding guy).

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Following a commercial break, Daly announced that America saved Jamison to join Blake Shelton's Craig Wayne Boyd, Stefani's Taylor John Williams, Levine's Damien and Matt McAndrew. Shirey, Wade and Sill were sent home, while coach Williams is now left to lean back in his big red chair for the rest of the season. At least he's already secured for season eight, but until then, we'll miss those amazingly unconventional song choices.

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