'The Voice' Recap: Usher Goes Country on Blind Auditions Night 3

Shakira calls herself Alexander the Great, Adam Levine's tattoo gets translated and Blake Shelton deals with the coaches' constant name-dropping.
"The Voice"

It's official: Usher's gone country.

On the third night of The Voice's blind auditions, the R&B musician recruited his first country act of the season, while Shakira compared herself to Alexander the Great and tried to translate Adam Levine's tattoo to help a contestant pick a coach.

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Blake Shelton also explained why he doesn't turn for some jaw-dropping contestants. "I would've turned around, but this chair swings around really wide and Usher's jaw was laying right there, and I didn't want to mess up Usher's face," he joked. And when Usher started bragging about his industry friends, Shelton continued, "After I pick up your jaw, let me pick up these names that you're dropping too!"

Get acquainted with the latest season six recruits (plus a few who nearly made the cut):

Ryan Whyte Maloney
Song: "Lights"
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The lifelong band member who became a garbage man to support his children and lives in Las Vegas brought his acoustic guitar onstage for the Journey hit. Levine likened Maloney's voice to his own -- "we're basically best friends" -- and compared him to Steve Perry, Shelton called him a high-noted stud, Shakira praised his emotional delivery and Usher said he's worth the gamble. In the end, he joined Team Blake.

DeShawn Washington
Song: "Twistin' the Night Away"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shakira
The Louisiana church singer dropped out of college to help support his family, and included a few dance moves while performing the Sam Cooke hit. "I'm stupid," said Usher, who didn't hit his button but praised his classic soul aesthetic, along with Levine and Shelton. His new coach, Shakira, announced, "Guys, get over it -- I'm the only smart one here!"

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Sam Behymer
Song: "Royals"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Levine, Usher
The singing babysitter studied literature in college, and is considering pursuing graduate school (to become a librarian) to also pacify her parents. She sang through the Lorde hit (as a bit too much of an imitation, but time will tell what her style is), and intrigued Levine, who said he could work with her raw and unique sound, and Usher, who called her tone quirky and compared her to his season 4 singer, Michelle Chamuel. With Shelton egging on the debate, Behymer chose Levine.

Brendan Ryan
Song: "Love on Top"
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The child of wedding singers, Ryan also pursued improve comedy while in college, and took the stage with his acoustic guitar for Beyonce's key-changing hit. Levine said the performance was a bit too messy because of his nerves, while Usher attributed the audition to an ill-fitted song choice.

Brothers Walker
Song: "Keep Me in Mind"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher
Identical twins Cody and Clinton Walker once opened for Johnny Cash as kids, and while one brother works as a full-time high school teacher, they both run a recording studio in Missouri together. They maintained tight harmonies all throughout the Zac Brown Band hit, and Usher -- with both legs up this time -- hit his button with one of his golden shoes. Shelton said she was convinced they were completely country, but Usher declared, "I have no authority over country music, but what I do know is quality," as he ventured into the genre for the first time.

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Clarissa Serna
Song: "Zombies"
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
When not working at her parents' real estate company in Texas, the band frontwoman volunteers at an after-school program for young girls interested in music. She stayed in her lower register on the Cranberries track, intriguing all four coaches. After the four-way banter flew -- complete with Shakira's shaky argument that strategists like Alexander the Great always win over leaders like Hannibal -- she went against her initial goal of joining Team Usher and instead went with Shakira.

Robert Lee
Song: "The Weight"
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The Alabama postman and father is expecting twins with his second wife, and hit the stage with his guitar for the song by The Band. Shelton noted that his voice has too much of a nasal sound, while Levine told him that there was no major moment to earn a spot on the show.

Melissa Jimenez
Song: "If I Ain't Got You"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Usher, Shakira
A singer in her father's band, Somethin' Special Orchestra, and featured on two of Wyclef Jean's tracks, the aspiring solo artist once had a record deal that fell through. After kicking off the Alicia Keys hit a cappella, Usher and Shakira flirted with pressing their buttons up to the last second. Shakira connected to her by speaking in Spanish, but Usher reminded her that he covered that song with Keys. Jimenez chose Usher.

Patrick Thompson
Song: "Can't You See"
Coaches who turned their chairs: Shelton, Levine
Influenced by his mother's folk band with her siblings, Thompson put his gritty sound on the Marshall Tucker Band track, which got the Voice champs bickering over Shakira and Usher's heads. Though Shelton described his voice as "gargling with broken glass" backstage, Levine noted that he sounded like he didn't have much direction and wants to help. With Usher's support, Thompson joined Team Adam. (Levine also promised to return the favor in the future.)

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Allison Bray
Song: "Where the Boys Are"
Coaches who turned their chairs: none
The 17-year-old Southern girl went for the Connie Francis track to break from the country stereotype, but nerves got the best of her until only the very end of the song. "And now, I'm realizing how amazing you'll be," said Shakira, while Shelton made her promise to work on her pitch.

Sisaundra Lewis
Song: "Ain't No Way"
Coaches who turned their chairs: all four
The 44-year-old preacher's daughter grew up picking oranges in Florida, and went on to work as Celine Dion's former vocal director for five tours. After receiving a personal video message from Dion, she blew the roof off with the Aretha Franklin ballad and captured all four judges. "I'm completely in over my head, I'm just glad I turned around to see you perform," said Shelton, while Levine and Usher said that, though it was wonderful, they still doesn't believe it was her best, and Shakira joked that Levine's tattoo actually reads "wrong coach for you" in another language. Lewis eventually chose Shelton because he "felt like home" to her.

A reel of unaired auditions showed that Shakira also nabbed Lindsay Pagano, Levine landed Joshua Howard and Usher recruited Tanner James.

The third episode of season six puts Usher and Levine in the lead with seven singers each, followed by Shakira with six and Shelton with four team members.

The Voice blind auditions continue Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Which blind audition was your favorite? Which singer picked the wrong coach? Sound off in the comments below.

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