'The Voice': Team Pharrell Scores First Win

Season eight reached its surprising ending.
'The Voice'

After a lengthy recap of last night’s performances, part two of season eight’s finale went down on The Voice tonight, and a winner was crowned. But first: two hours of performances before Carson Daly got to the highly anticipated results.

The night kicked off with a group performance of Fun’s “Carry On” and “Some Nights” by season eight’s top 20 contestants. Finalists Koryn Hawthorne, Sawyer Fredericks, Joshua Davis and Meghan Linsey got it started before being joined by the remaining 14 eliminated artists for “Some Nights.” Mia Z hit one of her famous whistle notes, and both Kimberly Nichole and India Carney reminded us why they both should have been competing in the finale.

For his bring-back performance, Davis asked back Brian Johnson, Deanna Johnson, Corey Kent White and Nichole. They performed “She Talks to Angels,” and even though all four of the artists have very different sounds, they blended well together.

Next, Meghan Trainor, who was Blake Shelton’s battle advisor this season, sang her new single, “Dear Future Husband,” accompanying herself on the ukulele. Kelly Clarkson then sang with Hawthorne. “She can sing, y’all,” Clarkson blurted out when they finished the duet.

In one of the best performances of the night, Linsey brought back Sarah Potenza to sing a duet of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” with her. Potenza and Linsey are both huge rockers with a lot of power to their voices, and they tackled the song with ease. They were followed by coach Adam Levine, who performed with his band, Maroon 5.

The finalists and their coaches stepped into the confessional one last time to speak about their journeys. “Ultimately, my goal was really just to have a second chance,” said Linsey. “I just wanted to sing,” Hawthorne said through tears. For Davis, winning The Voice would be all about being able to provide for his family and support them with his music. “To have America just embrace my music and embrace me the way they have has been amazing,” said Fredericks. “To say 'thank you' is not enough.”

Fredericks then took the stage to sing with John Fogerty, followed by Davis performing with Sheryl Crow. Both duets were solid but nothing too exciting. But, oh dear, there was still an hour left of stalling before results time. Country singer Luke Bryan hopped up to fill some time.

Hawthorne brought back Carney, Mia Z, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Caitlin Caporale and Lexi Davila to sing with her. The ladies sang Bruno Mars' wildly popular “Uptown Funk,” and it was a super-fun version that showed off all of their strengths. It joined Linsey and Potenza’s performance as one of the best of the night.

They were followed by Ed Sheeran, who sang “Photograph.” Clarkson returned to sing with Linsey, and both commanded the stage with their star power. Then, Fredericks brought back Brooke Adee, Mia Z and Lowell Oakley for a performance of “Lie to Me.” The four coaches — Pharrell, Levine, Shelton and Christina Aguilera — then took the stage to perform together (a tribute to B.B. King), which is the same way season eight began.

Then, it was time for the results. The finalist in fourth place was Team Pharrell’s Hawthorne. She was followed by third-place contestant Davis, from Team Adam. “And then there were two,” said Daly. He then announced season eight’s winner: Sawyer Fredericks, with Linsey coming in second place. It was a major shocker, as Linsey really seemed like the clear choice. But Pharrell beat out Shelton, finally, and Fredericks closed out the night with the single he debuted during last night’s final performance.

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