JC Chasez Weighs in on 'The Voice's' Tony Lucca, Britney Spears on 'X Factor' (Video)

Add one more to the growing list of celebrities who endorse The Voice's Tony Lucca.

Former ‘NSYNC member and current judge on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew J.C. Chasez has been a longtime pal of the former Mousketeer, and during a recent visit to The Hollywood Reporter’s Cover Lounge, Chasez explained why he throws his full support behind Lucca on the NBC singing competition.

“I’ve been watching the show like everybody else that is friends with Tony and I’ve been supportive,” he said. “I have some of my own opinions about his performances and I’ve made them clear to him -- we contact each other through the process.”

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“I couldn’t be prouder of him,” Chasez continued. “He really has lived an extraordinary existence, and now he’s in a place where he can share those experiences and that existence with the world. I think you hear it in his voice, I think you see it in his body, I think he projects everything that he has gone through in his life through his craft now and it’s really inspiring.”

Many, including The Voice coach Christina Aguilera, have criticized Lucca for enlisting his famous friends to drum up support from the voting public. Justin Timberlake famously tweeted his endorsement of Lucca earlier this season, and while it has certainly generated attention for the competitor, Chasez thinks that it could ultimately prove to be a disadvantage.

“I think people are less able to relate to somebody who’s got famous friends,” Chasez explained. “It's a blessing [but] it’s definitely something difficult, as well, because it comes with expectation and you can’t just meet the expectation being in that situation. He essentially has to exceed it.”

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Chasez also discussed the growing popularity of reality singing competitions and if he were an up-and-coming singer, which show he would choose to audition for. Chasez also weighed in on fellow ‘90s pop phenom Britney Spears, who is said to have inked a deal with Simon Cowell to join the judging panel of his X Factor.

"If you can get her to be clear with you, you’re going to love everything about what she has to say," Chasez speculated. “The thing about it is, I don't know how comfortable she’s going to be essentially critiquing someone, because you know, knowing her since she was 12-years-old, she really is a sweet girl.”

“As far as her insight goes… you better listen,” he added. “She’s done it, she’s had a career.  She’s not a flash in the pan. She has the experience to deliver.”

See more from Chasez’s interview with THR in the video above.

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