'The Voice': Top 24 Perform on Packed Night of Performances

THE VOICE Knockout Rounds - Publicity - H 2018
Trae Patton/NBC

The Live Playoffs got started on NBC's The Voice on Monday night, with coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys finally relinquishing the reins to viewers, who voted live on the performances. This round works a little differently this season. On Monday night, every member of the top 24 — six artists from each team — performed, and live votes determined the top artist from each of the teams. Those four got to advance to the top 12. The remaining 20 artists will perform on Tuesday and Wednesday, and live voting will eventually determine the top 12, who will get to sing again for America’s vote next week. Because of how many performances there were, there wasn’t time for coach feedback. It really was all up to the viewers.

Team Kelly stepped up first this week, starting with Alexa Cappelli singing “It Hurts So Bad.” She gave an emotional and entertaining performance, and the momentum built to a big note at the end. 

Kaleb Lee followed with his performance of Patty Loveless' “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am," showing off his classic country sound. He accompanied himself on the guitar and went full cowboy with his performance, which helped him stand out on Team Kelly. He proved he’s a strong storyteller.

Next up, Tish Haynes Keys sang “Nothing Left for You” by Sam Smith. She outdid her other teammates with this understated yet powerful performance, delivering a strong lyrical interpretation. It was raw yet technically tight at the same time. She effortlessly stood out.

The youngest artist in the competition, Brynn Cartelli, sang Sia’s “Unstoppable,” accompanying herself on the keyboard at first and then eventually working the stage. It was a good song choice, and she exhibited a lot of confidence.

Dylan Hartigan followed with a performance of “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams. He was charming and managed to be vulnerable for the first time this season. He was able to showcase his range as well as his confident stage presence.

Closing out the Team Kelly performances, D.R. King sang “Home.” It wasn’t his most memorable performance this season, and the song choice wasn’t perfect, but King still proved that he’s one of the best technical singers in the competition. He should have brought more heat to the live voting situation, though.

Team Adam took the stage next, with Drew Cole singing Michael Jackson's “Man in the Mirror." He impressed by playing with the arrangement a bit, which was a risk, but it paid off, making him memorable.

Mia Boostrom followed with a performance of “Baby I Love You” by The Ronettes, bringing out a soulful, edgy side of her voice. She showcased her range, shining particularly in her upper register.

Next, Jackie Verna sang “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift, appealing to her contemporary country fans. She delivered a solid ballad, coming off as mature and confident. It wasn’t the most exciting song choice, but she sang it well.

Singing “Overjoyed” by Stevie Wonder, Rayshun Lamarr brought a lot of energy to his performance and had strong vocals to match it. He didn’t necessarily make the song his own, but he commanded the stage and gave a fun performance.

Sharane Calister took the theatrical route by singing “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. She built to a big note and put a lot of power behind her vocal. It was a bold performance, and she really focused on the vocals, selling her voice over everything else.

The last artist from Team Adam was Reid Umstattd, who sang “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for” by U2. His big voice was a great fit for the rock ballad.

Next, Team Kelly was brought back to the stage to hear the results of the live voting. Cartelli received the most votes for Team Kelly and will automatically advance to the top 12.

Team Blake was up next, starting with Austin Giorgio singing Dean Martin's “Ain’t That a Kick In the Head." His crooning voice sounded great with this song.

Pryor Baird followed up with the Chris Stapleton song “I Was Wrong,” turning in an emotional performance with strong storytelling. He reiterated just how solid of a performer he is.

Singing “How Great Thou Art,” Kyle Jade went the gospel classic route. It was an understated performance, but her runs were impressive and just enough to make the song her own. Her technical skills were on full display.

Gary Edwards sang Bruno Mars' “Finesse," which was a great song choice for him, allowing him to show a different side of his voice. Edwards once again proved that he brings something different to Team Blake, showcasing a versatility that most of the team just doesn’t have.

However, Spensha Baker is a similarly versatile artist who can sing just about anything and also blend genres. Her performance of “I Still Believe in You” was gorgeous and had great momentum. It was one of the best performances to come out of Team Blake on Monday night.

Wilkes closed out the Team Blake performances, singing “Brother.” It was a big rock song that allowed him to deliver a powerful vocal.

With Team Blake done with their performances, Team Adam returned to the stage for more results. Calister advanced to the top 12.

It was finally time for Team Alicia to take the stage, and Johnny Bliss got things started with his Spanish-language performance of “America America” by Luis Miguel. It allowed him to show his personality and helped him stand out.

Kelsea Johnson next sang “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse. It as a solid song choice, with Johnson preserving enough of the original melody to make it resonate with voters but still bringing her own edge to it.

Tackling Prince, Terrence Cunningham sang next, accompanying himself on the piano and delivering yet another raw and emotional performance. He has been one of the most consistent artists in the competition.

Jackie Foster sang “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, delivering a soulful, smooth performance with incredible vocals that showcased her range and versatility. It was her personal best performance of the season, and she stepped up her performing abilities.

Christiana Danielle took the uptempo hit “Hey Ya!” by Outkast and completely made it her own by slowing it down and making it a much more vocally complex song. It was surprising and completely original.

With the final performance of the night, Britton Buchanan sang “Some Kind of Wonderful.” He played guitar and showcased his artistry. Team Alicia overall had the strongest performances of the night.

Results for Team Blake were announced first. Jade moved on to the top 12. Then Team Alicia’s results followed, and Buchanan soared on to the next round.

Team Alicia and Team Blake will take the stage again on Tuesday night. What did you think of Monday night’s performances?