'The Voice's' Nakia Tells Us 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cee Lo Green

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You know him as the big bear of a guy with the voice to match. Nakia, 36, impressed everyone during the blind rounds of The Voice with his version of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.” More importantly, he impressed Green and became the only person to perform a coach’s song during the blind auditions and get chosen by the same coach.

He continued to barrel his way through the competition, ultimately making it to the live semifinal rounds. Nakia agreed to shed some light on his famously funky coach for The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

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Cee Lo Green taught me so much during my time on The Voice as a member of the "Red Zone." Most importantly, he consistently reminded me to be the exception to the rule and taught me to always stay true to who I am.

People know Cee Lo all over the world, but here are five things they might not know about my coach.

1. Cee Lo is a force of positivity. From his own attitude and demeanor, to the people he chooses to work and surround himself with, Cee Lo is all about keeping things positive. Even throughout the hectic shooting schedule that was constantly tangling with his own busy touring schedule, I can't recall one negative thing that ever came out of his mouth.

2. He’s a real life “lady killa.” He truly can't help himself. Cee Lo loves women and if there is a lady present, it's game on. Pick any woman from the show, I bet they are head over heels in love with Cee Lo. There's a certain charm that just naturally emits from him. I think he was just born that way.

3. He’s the life of the party. Probably not a secret by any means, but when Cee Lo enters a room, the party has arrived. His outgoing nature and dynamic personality can turn up the fun factor in any room or situation. During an early morning call the night after a live show, Cee Lo got the whole room up and dancing after only a few minutes.

4. Pray for a blooper reel. Cee Lo likes to cut up. Sometimes he can get downright goofy. I know I would certainly buy a DVD of The Voice if it included some of his edited shenanigans. Then again, you could probably see some of this sort of behavior on his new show, Talking To Strangers, on Fuse.

5. Dirty South, dirty mouth. Speaking of outtakes... What you probably won't be seeing anytime soon, are Cee Lo's famous "dirty parodies." More than a few times during rehearsals, Cee Lo quickly changed the lyrics of the songs we were rehearsing to some rather "suggestive" lyrics. Let's just say that "Sex On Fire" had a whole new meaning to me after rehearsing it with Coach.

By Nakia.

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