'Walking Dead' No. 104, 'Thief of Thieves' No. 10 Previews (Exclusive)

Check out the first four pages for both Robert Kirkman titles ahead of their Wednesday debut.

Because the Governor wasn't bad enough, the new Big Bad in Image Comics/Skybound's The Walking Dead makes house calls.

After Negan -- and his spiked bat, Lucille -- raided Rick's community in the last issue of the Robert Kirkman comics, the group's former leader must contend with an angry Denise, furious that the new villain has not only raided their food bank but also their medicine supply.

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In Issue No. 104, Rick is tasked with having to explain just who's in charge to everyone as he does his duty to keep his mouth shut about his plan to take down the guy who brutally murdered Glenn.

Check out the first four pages of Walking Dead No. 104 -- on sale Wednesday -- below and click over to the next page to see an exclusive preview from Kirkman's Thief of Thieves No. 10 from scribe James Asmus and artist Shawn Martinbrough