'Walking Dead': 7 Things to Watch For in Season 2 (Video)

Last we left the cast on Walking Dead, they were fleeing the exploding remains of the CDC building in Atlanta. So much for home-sweet-home.

So what will happen in season two as the writers gather to work on the scripts. The show’s producers gave some insight at the Paleyfest 2011 event on Friday.

Shane gets a girl: The Rick-Lori-Shane love triangle was a big part of season one. But Shane lost out. Could this situation be rectified?

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"I think we'll see Shane getting some action this season. Let's see," Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman tells THR.

No zombie/human love: It worked for Twilight and True Blood. But zombies and humans will not get it on no matter what that would do for ratings. "I can absolutely rule that out," Kirkman tells us. "That's just awful."

Opening scene: There will be no big time difference from season one to the beginning of season two. Season one ended with the cast fleeing the exploding CDC building in Atlanta. The new season will begin shortly after this explosion.

"I still want them to be in the reactive phase of this incredibly intense thing that just occurred. What do we do now?" says director Frank Darabont. "I think that's where we are going to start."

Lori pregnancy?: The Rick-Lori-Shane love triangle would take a very interesting turn if Lori was pregnant. Kirkman didn't rule it out. And it must just be an AMC thing. "There could be. Maybe. Let's think of it this way. Mad Men. She's pregnant on Season Two. Breaking Bad, she's pregnant. Just saying."

New characters: Like the graphic novel, the television show will change characters in season two. Main characters will die, new characters will appear. "We have to keep it interesting," says Kirkman. "The comic book has an evolving cast and it's always people dying and others added. The TV show will follow that as well." The show's creators promise new people and big character deaths."

Rick Grimes survives: Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is one character who will pull through. "That guy's a handsome dude and we're kind of pinning a show on him," says Kirkman. " I don't think we'll get rid of him anytime soon…at least not season two."

No news on how the zombie outbreak started: Kirkman says he hasn't explained it in the graphic novels, and he doesn't plan to. Ever. "I've made a vow never to reveal it in the graphic novels," he says. "I think people should get on board with that."

"I don't know if we'll ever tell people how the zombies came about. I don't think it's important to the story which is about characters. When you delve into where they come from it delves into science fiction."

Besides these are people simply running for their lives. "It's not realistic for these characters to find out how this global problem came about. These are every day people dealing with these problems."