'Walking Dead' Composer: Kids Shouldn't Watch "Hard-Core" Season 5

The new father tweets that the series is no longer suitable for children
Bear McCreary

A member of The Walking Dead family has a strong message for parents whose children may be fans of the series: Don't let them watch.

Bear McCreary, who composed the haunting opening theme music, took to his Twitter account minutes before the zombie drama's fifth-season premiere Sunday with a stern warning.

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"Do not let children watch @WalkingDead_AMC tonight. Or ever again. I'm very serious," he wrote.

"Over the years Bear has signed a lot of Walking Dead autographs for kids that are 10 and under who regularly watch the show," a spokesperson for McCreary clarified in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "And as a new father he is very worried — particularly because season five is scarier and much more hard-core than in years past. He wants parents to be aware that it's getting rough and to not let young kids watch it."

Sunday's season five premiere, airing at 9 p.m., carried a TV-MA LV rating and opened with a warning that the episode contained violent content "which may be too intense for some viewers" and that "viewer and parental discretion are advised."  

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The TV-MA rating means some content may be "unsuitable for children under 17." The L and V additions are for its coarse language and violence.

The fifth-season premiere featured heads being bashed in with a baseball bat and numerous people's throats being slashed — all within the opening four minutes.

McCreary later touted the hour as his "favorite episode in years, and, IMHO, the scariest score I've ever done."

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AMC did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment.

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