'Walking Dead': How Many F-Bombs Does Negan Drop in Uncensored Finale?

THR watched the expletive-riddled scene that is included on the season six Blu-ray.
Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC
'The Walking Dead'

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead season six finale and the comic book series the AMC drama is based on.]

As it turns out, The Walking Dead's Negan really does have a potty mouth.

As diehard comic book readers are already aware, the dastardly villain — introduced in the shocking season six finale and played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan — really never met an f-bomb he couldn't squeeze into a sentence. And while the AMC series had to tone down the charismatic leader's colorful vocabulary for broadcast, Negan's finale scene is included — uncensored in an extended 11-minute monologue — on the season six Blu-ray. (The expletive-filled scene, as you can imagine, is not being released.)

To be released to the public on Tuesday, the scene peppers in a whopping 23 — yes, twenty-three — references to the word "f—." In many cases, the broadcast version that aired on AMC just avoided the language completely, while other times Negan swaps out the expletive for another, safer for viewers, term.

Like this famous line from Robert Kirkman's comic book series, which is included on the Blu-ray in all its glory:

"I am gonna beat the holy f— f—ing f—ety f— out of one of you."

Which, translated for broadcast, wound up airing as "I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you."

"There's no way [Negan] could drop that amount of f-bombs that he does in the comic on TV," showrunner Scott M. Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter in March. "There's simply no way. In some way, it can't be full on, but as long as we have the full-on version, they will come out and people will be able to watch them. That to me was the most important thing, that the full-on Negan exists and it's available. What version gets on TV, that's down to experimentation. Jeffrey's performance is so amazing that I hope people aren't hanging on the fact that we aren't saying the f-word in that moment. Especially if they can watch it later. It comes down to either having it and censoring it out in some way or another or not having it. The one thing nobody wants to do is for it not being there to diminish the experience."

Exec producer Greg Nicotero told THR after the finale that he would have "loved" to have included just one f-bomb on broadcast and that two versions of the scene were filmed over two nights.

"We had the f-bomb version and the television version. Even when I did my director's cut, I put the f-bomb into the director's cut for all the executive producers to see because it's so powerful," he said. "It's the momentum of using those words to accentuate and punctuate those moments. The scene in the Blu-ray is astounding."

And astounding it is. From the final scene, beginning when Negan first appears through the fade to bloody black, here's how many f-bombs Negan was allowed to drop in the uncensored closing scene of season six:

F—: 3
F—ed: 2
F—ing: 16
F—er: 1
F—ety: 1

The Walking Dead season six Blu-ray set debuts Tuesday; the limited edition MacFarlane Edition is due in November.

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