'Walking Dead': Burning Questions Heading Into the Season 5 Finale

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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the "Try" episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season as well as the comics it is based on.]

Sunday's penultimate episode of The Walking Dead's set the stage for next week's fifth-season finale as tensions continued to rise within Alexandria while a threat (or two?) beyond its semi-secure gates continued to loom large.

Here's what went down Sunday:

Deanna's Decision

Following the death of her son and Father Gabriel's warning, Deanna doesn't seem keen on having Rick's group as part of the Alexandria community. She questions Nicholas — who lies that he didn't want to leave Aiden and Tara and felt Glenn was trying to kill him — and Glenn, who tells the truth: that Nicholas was the one responsible for Noah's death. Deanna truly doesn't know what to do and continues to review the tapes, while Glenn tells Rick everything that went down. Rick, for his part, insists that the Alexandria people don't know what they're doing and his group shouldn't be expected to adhere to Deanna's rules.

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Rick vs. The World

As for Carol's insistence that Rick kill Jessie's spouse Pete, tensions between the abusive husband and father and Alexandria's newest constable come to blows. After Pete hits Jessie in the head for trying to break up his fight with Rick, Deanna steps in and ends it. But that's when Rick, who knocks Carl away, goes full-on Ricktatorship and pulls a gun on Deanna. "Your way of doing things is done," a bloodied Rick tells Deanna as several Alexandria residents crowd around the scene. "Starting right now, we have to live in the real world: We have to control who lives here. … Your way is doing to destroy this place … it's already gotten people killed. I'm not going to stand by and let it happen. If you don't fight, you die. I'm not going to stand by and … " he says as Michonne — who had been struggling with her place as constable in the community — stops him with a knock-out punch. That came after Rick and Deanna had a moral disagreement about Pete: Deanna said the only punishment is to exile someone — even though Pete is the town's doctor — while Rick felt that doing anything but killing Pete would put Alexandria at risk.

Sharpshooter Sasha

Meanwhile, walkers are closing in on Alexandria, but Sasha — seemingly replacing Andrea in the comics — continues to keep watch over the walls as Daryl and Aaron also notice an uptick in the number undead in the area as well as a light off in the distance. Sasha, still unable to fit in with the new normal, is hunting walkers after her shifts in the tower.  

W is for WHO?!

Out in the woods, Daryl and Aaron discover a chopped up walker's body parts as well as the naked body of a woman — who was human — tied to a tree with her stomach torn apart by walkers, having been left there by whomever carved the "W" into her forehead.

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Given the events of this episode and heading into the 90-minute finale, here are our burning questions as season five heads into its home stretch:

• Where is Morgan?!

• Is the light in the distance friend or foe?

• Is the Ricktatorship back?

• Will Deanna decide to remove Rick from Alexandria?

• Can Maggie help Deanna understand Rick's intentions?

• Will Rick's clash with Pete distract the people of Alexandria from the impending walker threat?

• Will Pete survive the season?

• Will Nicholas — now armed with a gun and after Glenn warns him that he should stay inside as people like him should be dead — survive after lying to Deanna about what happened with Aiden and Noah?

• Is Rick too far gone or does he have any humanity left?

• How will Michonne knocking him out impact their relationship?

• Has Rick lost any authority he had in Alexandria? Will people listen to him if a walker — or human threat — arrives?

• What's going on with the walkers with the big "W" carved into their heads?

• What kind of survivors leave a woman tied to a tree to be devoured by walkers? Is this Negan's group?

• Will Carl and Enid's field trips outside the walls be dangerous given the light (and walkers) in the area? (Enid has to die now that Carl has romantic feelings for her, right?)

• Is Sasha, still struggling with grief and anger, sitting alone in the tower enough to protect the community from any potential threat(s)?

• Are Daryl and Aaron going to be safe outside of the wall with both the walker threat and potential human threat as well?

• Just how deadly will the season finale be?

What are your burning questions heading into the season finale? Share your questions and theories in the comments section below. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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