'The Walking Dead': Preview Exclusive Scenes From the Season Finale (Video)

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[WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Sunday's "Better Angels" episode of The Walking Dead.]

After Sunday's bloody penultimate episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, Rick's group of survivors lost one of its most valued fighters.

Having come face-to-face for the final time, Rick stabbed Shane to death, with Carl following with a fatal blow to zombie Shane's head, killing off one of the camp's most vital protectors. 

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The group will have to deal with the loss immediately as the final moments to Sunday's "Better Angels" episode ended with a massive herd of zombies closing in on Rick and Carl, who judging from an exclusive preview of next week's finale, are leading the pack right back to Hershel's farm.

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How will the 13 survivors contend with an army of walkers? Why is Maggie screaming? Who's trapped in the car? Where are Beth and Patricia running? What switched in Hershel to make him say, "This is my farm … I'll die here"? Plus who's driving bad-ass Glenn around?

Check out the clip below and hit the comments with your theories, then head over to read our weekly Walking Dead dissection with comic creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman about Sunday's "monumental" episode.

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