'Walking Dead' Preview: Rick vs. The Governor and More Burning Questions With EP Glen Mazzara

Rick Grimes The Governor The Walking Dead - H 2012

Rick Grimes The Governor The Walking Dead - H 2012

Rick and Daryl are thisclose to Woodbury -- the idyllic community where Glen and Maggie are being held on AMC's The Walking Dead. The same community where the head-collecting Governor is playing house with Andrea and Merle isn't a racist lunatic but a heroic guardian of a post-apocalyptic paradise.

Will Rick's small band of brothers -- and Michonne, of course -- cross into the community and wage the war on the men responsible for kidnapping Glenn and Maggie? Will the Governor and Rick come face to face? Will the Dixon brothers finally come face to face?

The Hollywood Reporter challenged showrunner Glen Mazzara -- who was heading back to Atlanta to wrap production on season three -- to a lightning round-style quiz to get the scoop on some of the burning questions ahead of Sunday's midseason finale.

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Considering how splintered the group is, there are a ton of people waiting to reunite -- or come face to face for the first time, including Rick and The Governor, who at this point doesn't even know who Rick is. Will Rick and The Governor finally meet?
Mazzara: Not yet.

Will Andrea and Michonne reunite after they disagreed over the Governor's sanity?
Mazzara: I would hope so.

Michonne bolted from Woodbury when finally given the chance, with the Governor sending Merle and company out to bring back her head, which he failed to do in a deadly battle that ended with the elder Dixon brother lying about having killed her. Will The Governor realize she's not dead and will they come face to face?
Mazzara: Oh definitely.

Merle and Martinez are on their way out of Woodbury to search for the prison. Will Merle and Rick reunite?
Mazzara: For Rick's sake I hope not! (Laughs)

Separated since season one when Merle was left chained to an Atlanta rooftop, will the Dixon brothers finally reunite?
Mazzara: That you'll have to tune in to find out!

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Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar are at the gates of Woodbury. Will they attack?
Mazzara: Definitely! It's on! They're knocking down those gates!

Andrea has the worst taste in men (ahem, Shane). Will she see the Governor's true colors -- and twisted collection of decapitated heads?
Mazzara: The veil is lifted!

The show is called The Walking Dead, which obviously implies death. Will members of Rick's contingent -- either those near Woodbury or at the prison -- die?
Mazzara: It's the midseason finale, there have to be some deaths!

What about the Governor's group, will there be losses on his side as well?
Mazzara: Definitely. The question is: By whose hands?

Will Glenn and Maggie get out alive?
Mazzara: I hope so, I love Glenn and Maggie (laughs).

Describe the midseason finale -- titled "Made to Suffer" and penned by Robert Kirkman -- in one sentence.
Mazzara: You won't believe you have to wait two months to find out what happens next (laughs).

How do you think things will go down in the midseason finale? Who do you think won't make it out alive? Hit the comments with your thoughts. The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check back to THR's The Live Feed on Sunday after the episode for our weekly Walking Dead Dissection with the producers.

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