'Walking Dead' Gets New Mobile Game

The Walking Dead Assault Page - H 2012

The Walking Dead Assault Page - H 2012

Not enough zombies in your life? No problem.

Inspired by the Image Comics series created by Robert Kirkman, U.K. mobile game developer Gamagio has created The Walking Dead: Assault for Apple-brand mobile devices.

Assault, which bowed Friday, marks the second mobile game based on the comics series and allows players to visit the early days of the zombie outbreak in Atlanta, the campsite where Rick and the survivors first united and other iconic locations from the series.

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Gamers can play as Rick, Lori, Carl, Glenn, Shane, Andrea, Carol, Sophia and Dale and use their abilities to fight through hordes while completing bonus objectives and challenges to unlock exclusive content from The Walking Dead, including artwork, trivia and more.

The game is available for download via the iTunes App Store to desktop, iPad or iPhone for a limited launch sale of $1.99 before moving to $2.99 after launch.

Assault marks the latest addition to the Walking Dead universe, which has already spawned the record-breaking AMC drama, novels and interactive obstacle courses, among countless other properties affiliated with the best-selling comic.

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