'The Walking Dead' No. 103 Preview (Exclusive)

The Walking Dead Comic Cover Issue 103 - P 2012

The Walking Dead Comic Cover Issue 103 - P 2012

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from The Walking Dead comics series.]

Has Rick given up fighting in Image Comics/Skybound's The Walking Dead?

Following Glenn's graphic death at Negan's hands in the shocking 100th issue of the Robert Kirkman zombie comics, Rick returned back to the camp with some alarming news for the rest of his community: they're going to work with the murderer.

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It was that news that prompted the leader to tell Michonne, Andrea and the rest of the group that they'd be letting the disfigured man they captured during the attack free.

Needless to say, the news doesn't sit well with the group and Andrea lets him have it. However, unbeknown to her or anyone else, it's all part of Rick's grand plan to send Jesus out on a fact-finding mission, which begins in The Walking Dead No. 103, on sale Wednesday.

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The new villain, showrunner Glen Mazzara tells THR, could at some point wind up popping up on the AMC adaptation.

"Right now, we've got the Governor onstage, and we're just getting him up and running, but seasons from now, I could certainly see bringing in Negan. He's a really scary and compelling character, but we have no current plans now," he said.

Will the prisoner lead Jesus back to Negan's camp? Will Negan make it back alive? What will Rick's grand plan cost him? Check out the first four pages from the issue below and hit the comments with your thoughts on the horrifying image on the cover of what appears to be Negan -- armed with his vicious bat Lucille -- with Rick bowing before him.

Season three of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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