'Walking Dead' No. 106 Preview (Exclusive)

The Walking Dead Comic Cover 106 - P 2012

The Walking Dead Comic Cover 106 - P 2012

Turns out The Saviors have a code of their own.

In last month's The Walking Dead No. 105, Negan reveals that his community of "Saviors" lives by a system of twisted rules that includes points and multiple wives -- and a brutal torture for their betrayal that explains just what happened to Dwight's face.

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In this month's 106th issue of the Robert Kirkman comics, the owner of the spiked bat that was used to brutally kill Glenn continues to ponder Carl's punishment for gunning down multiple members of his team after Rick's son witnesses his iron form of justice.

Check out the first four pages of the comic -- which marks Charlie Adlard's 100th consecutive issue -- as well as the wrap-around cover available on stands Wednesday, below, and hit the comments with if you think Carl's bad-ass attitude will help or hurt him with Negan.

AMC's The Walking Dead, which was renewed for a fourth season without showrunner Glen Mazzara, returns Feb. 10.