'The Walking Dead' to Offer Atlanta Set Tours

Walking Dead-Publicity Still 1-H-2018
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC.

To paraphrase what the late Jesus (Tom Payne) once said: Walking Dead fans, your world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Riverwood Studios, the Georgia-based home to AMC's zombie drama for the past eight seasons, will open its doors to the public for the first time ever with a new series of Walking Dead studio tours, beginning on December 14. The tours, offered on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, will take fans of the franchise through some of the most iconic locations in recent Walking Dead history: Alexandria, the Sanctuary, the Hilltop, the Heaps and Oceanside, to name a few.

The move to open the set of Walking Dead to the public is on par with similar studio decisions such as Warner Brothers' lots, including tours of the Friends and ER sets, as well as Universal's tours, which features the iconic Bates Motel.

"For years, the devoted fans of The Walking Dead have been eager to get behind the studio walls and see the unique way this series is made. It's exciting to now offer a closer look to all who have supported The Walking Dead," says Tom Luse, Walking Dead executive producer and general manager of Riverwood Studios. "Our cast and crew work tirelessly to bring this series to life. We are extremely grateful to all who make this show possible on and off set. We could think of no better way to say thank you than to share behind the scenes with the public."

In May 2017, The Hollywood Reporter visited Riverwood Studios and strolled through many of the iconic Walking Dead locations that will be on display in the upcoming tour. In announcing these tours, there's the promise of showing off "sacred sites," beyond the stalwart communities such as the Hilltop and the like. One sacred site fans will almost certainly see is the clearing where Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), which was previously the same shooting location as Father Gabriel's church in season five.

"This is hallowed ground," Luse told a group of gathered reporters, THR included, about the haunting clearing. "I don't know how much we'll shoot here again. We might not. It's one of the most difficult things we have ever been through."

For more on what you can expect if planning a visit to the Walking Dead set (which is located in Senoia, which has also doubled as the shooting locations for Alexandria's idyllic neighborhoods as well as the now-destroyed Woodbury), look no further.

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