'Walking Dead' Fans Petition to Bring Beth Back

The Walking Dead Emily Kinney - H 2014
Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead Emily Kinney - H 2014

Beth Greene has a massive legion of supporters.

Die-hard fans of AMC's The Walking Dead have launched a Change.org petition to bring Emily Kinney's sweet and beloved character back to the zombie drama — and more than 30,000 people have joined the cause.

The petition was launched Dec. 3 — three days after Walking Dead's season five midseason finale, in which her character was shockingly killed off. In it, fans are encouraged to send plastic spoons — a reference to a souvenir she finds during a season four episode — to AMC's Georgia production offices with their favorite Beth quotes written on them.

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The petition says Beth's death "was far too soon and the writers threw away the potential of a perfectly good character."

"Her story wasn't over. Emily Kinney and her character don't deserve this. There was so much more to be done with her character and they chose to kill her in a disgusting, unsatisfying death that caused more anger and disappointment than shock and mourning. Beth was a symbol of hope that a lot of women could relate to and see themselves in (especially self-harmers who saw her as someone who overcame their suicidal/depressive feelings). By sloppily killing her it just shows that she was used to further a man's (Daryl's) storyline. We realize that the circumstances she dies in are irreversible, but this is television. Anything is possible. By signing this petition you can at least show your support for Beth. Let's show Emily Kinney how much we love her and want her back."

AMC declined The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.

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In an interview the morning after Beth's death on the series, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple told THR that there "absolutely was" a lot more to Beth to explore.

"Losing this character is incredibly tragic, awful and painful," he said. "Not working with Emily is massively rough. I loved working with Emily. Why was it this character's time to go? We wanted to tell a story about a character that found out that she was strong all along. Whatever was thrown at her brought out that strength. In the end, someone who wanted to appear strong — a compromised person [Dawn], wound up taking her out, which is just a tragic story. It's not a fun story or a story we took lightly. Beth didn't die because she was weak; Beth died because she was strong, and that's painful, and it's not fun and it's not to be taken lightly — and we don't. A lot of things happen on this show that are tragic. How do these characters go on after that? What would motivate them to go on after that?"

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Meanwhile, a Facebook campaign ("Beth Greene Deserved Better") connected with the petition is sending thank-you cards to Kinney, who was in tears on AMC's Talking Dead episode when discussing her character's death. Kinney joined the zombie drama in season two and was promoted to regular ahead of season four. Beth died saving her friend, Noah, in a death Kinney told THR made the character a "hero in her own way."

"There were so many sparks of other things that hadn't been explored," Kinney said. "But what's cool about the show is that it is unexpected and doesn't make a lot of sense always. If you remember Bob [Lawrence Gilliard Jr.], he had the story where he was saying he didn't know why he was the one to survive. There's something about that that's true in real life. Sometimes there isn't rhyme or reason [to things]; why does that person die and not that person? I think there was a lot left artistically for me. But no actor wants to play the same character forever. There was great writing and a lot that was just getting started. I was excited to explore those sparks. It ended in a flash. That's the way life is."

And for those wondering, Beth was shot in the head — meaning she can't reanimate and become a zombie.

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