'The Walking Dead': Season 2 Finds Rick Between a Rock and a … Zombie (Video)

"The second season is about zombies in the woods and what’s behind that next tree," writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman tells THR.
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As if waiting nearly a year between seasons wasn’t hard enough, a new trailer offers only a peek at what’s in store – more of Andrew Lincoln’s Sheriff Rick Grimes going one-on-one against a never-ending sea of zombies.

With Season 2 set to pick up in October, series writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter this month that Rick, Carl and company will be heading to the farm featured in the comics he created.

“The first season was all about being in the city, and dealing with zombies in the streets,” Kirkman said. “The second season is about zombies in the woods and what’s behind that next tree. It’s a much more rural setting.”

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As for what the group will be facing immediately after the CDC explosion, Kirkman teased that new characters will be joining the group.

“We’re going to be seeing Otis, Herschel and Maggie, all characters from the comic book series,” he said. “And possibly some more surprises before the end of the season.”

Check out the trailer below and prepare for more Walking Dead goodness on Saturday at Comic-Con.

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