'Walking Dead Season 2' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

Most are mixed about the return of the AMC show, with some calling it “terrible” and others saying it “totally delivered.”
Bob Mahoney/AMC

Viewers were mixed on the Season 2 premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead.

*SPOILERS* The 90-minute debut saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) rescue and then subsequently lose Sophia (Madison Lintz), Shane ponder leaving the group -- possibly with Andrea joining him after a blowout with Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) -- and a handful of some of the most disgusting zombie offings, Rick and Lori's (Sarah Wayne Callies) son, Carl (Chandler Riggs), was shot.  

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"You expect to have a run-in with a zombie in this new world; you less expect that you're going to be shot by another human," executive producer Gale Anne Hurd tellsThe Hollywood Reporter. "It's clear that rifle was not wielded by a zombie. You can't forget that those threats are still out there."

Here's what people are saying about the return of the show:

SwiftWave Bennuh
Oh yes, downloading The Walking Dead S2 E01, This season is gonna rox my sox off. >:3

AnnaBells_ Anna Bell's
TWEET DI JOSPEH: . The Walking Dead totally delivered tonight. Loved it. (Questa sera rapito da The Walking...

zcallen Zachary Callen
@FilmCritHULK Lost, Walking Dead: I want the survival premise to play out in small ways, with neat characters. Get lots of big junk instead

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ObliviousMiraX3 Nur Amira
im watching the walking dead lol im bored thus result zombies xD

Jonnyapps Jonnyapps
Good opening to The Walking Dead Season 2 but is it even legal for them to televise the gory awesomeness of the comics?

HOLLYWOODS16 Holly Woods
Walking dead blew my mind last night! Holy eff

deathnrollband Daniel Death n Roll
all hail the walking dead

benjaminbecotte Benjamin Becotte
My reaction to The Walking Dead season 2 premiere: HOLY SH-T!! ZOMBIES!! INTENSE!! WHERE IS SHE!?! Last 10 seconds: WHAT THE F--K WAS THAT!?

CraigyTweets Craig Bradshaw
Favourite Actor, Andrew Lincoln ok yes he's decent in Walking Dead, but he has AWESOME in This Life and Teachers etc#moviemonday

sharondavies Sharon Davies
Watching the Walking Dead on mute does not make it less scary! OMG OMG OMG

Renazahmad Renaz0o0
The walking dead season premiere was awesome looking forward for the rest of the episodes.

LauraAnnSwift Laura
despite that i think the walking dead is not sticking to the comics enough, i'm still fully on board the hype train. choo choo.

loudog999 Jason McCarty
Did anybody else thing The Walking Dead was terrible last night?

lohhw3 【ツ】Loh HW
The Walking Dead Season 2 premiere: awesum, shocking, and intense!

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