'Walking Dead': 8 Cryptic Teasers About the "Hard-Core" Season 6 Finale

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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comic series.]

The Walking Dead is heading into its sixth-season finale with a lot of uncertainty — and anticipation from fans of both the AMC series and the comic books that it's based on.

Ever since comic book villain Negan was cast — Jeffrey Dean Morgan will take on the role and debut in the April 3 finale — Steven Yeun's Glenn Rhee has seemingly had a bull's-eye on his back.

In Robert Kirkman's comics, which serve as the inspiration for the zombie drama, Negan makes his debut in the landmark 100th issue when he and Rick's group finally cross paths. It has become one of, if not the most surprising moments thus far in the comics series. Negan's group surprises Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia and Heath on their way to the Hilltop as the Saviors plan to attack Alexandria. It serves as the first encounter between Rick and Negan after multiple run-ins between the two communities — including Eugene's privates-biting moment with Dwight.

Negan, looking to make an impression, whips out his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat named Lucille and lines up the survivors. "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe," he says as he points Lucille one by one at everyone on their knees. He ultimately lands on Glenn and — as has been suggested on the AMC drama — beats him to death with Lucille.

While it's unclear if the AMC drama will follow the comics frame by frame — showrunner Scott M. Gimple has been known to take a "remix" approach to the series — the finale will likely be incredibly dark. (For more on what to expect from Negan's arrival, click here to see what the producers have to say about it.)

Here, THR offers eight cryptic teasers from The Walking Dead producers and stars about the supersized 90-minute season six finale.

Robert Kirkman (creator)

"It's possibly my favorite episode of the series thus far. It's riveting and fans of the show are going to be on the edge of their seats the entire episode. It's probably the best final moment of a season we've ever had. It's entirely possible there's going to be a painful summer for Walking Dead fans, but we'll be back in October."

Andrew Lincoln (Rick)

"It's one of the most thrilling [episodes], and I don't think we've ever done what we do in this season finale before. When we were shooting it, after each scene, I kept looking to [director] Greg [Nicotero] and saying, "It's going to be good!" (Laughs.) Some of the performances are just extraordinary. The muscularity of the episode — it has an incredible purpose and drive. Sometimes we get these episodes and it's clear as a bell and this one, when we got it, I couldn’t sleep when I read it. It made me very sick to my stomach. It's hard-core."

Scott M. Gimple (showrunner)

"The midseason finale I described as claustrophobic. I would say that the finale, in some ways, is a descent into paranoia."

Greg Nicotero (exec producer/finale director)

"I don't think I'd say deadly; I think there's a sense of dread that is palpable."

Gale Anne Hurd (exec producer)

"It goes where everyone is wondering if it will go. Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings it. It's going to be the longest summer ever. Thank god we've got Fear the Walking Dead. People are going to be shocked and surprised — that's what we do." 

Danai Gurira (Michonne)

"It's epic, it's harrowing. I think it redefines finale. I can't tell you how it goes, but it truly redefines it. I don't think we've ever seen one like this."

Melissa McBride (Carol)

"I'd agree with Robert. [The finale is] like falling into a black hole and wondering what is on the other side. It's very dark."

Lauren Cohan (Maggie)

"Don't even say the word 'finale' to me! I have no idea how to explain it; all I know is it leaves you in the most uncertain place that you've ever been with the show."

The Walking Dead season six finale airs Sunday, April 3, from 9-10:30 p.m. Stay tuned to THR's The Live Feed for full coverage and bookmark THR.com/WalkingDead.