'Walking Dead': 7 Key Moments From the Season 7 Finale

War comes for Alexandria, marking the end of the line for one of the show's longest-running characters.
Gene Page/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on 'The Walking Dead'

[This story contains spoilers from "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life," the season seven finale of The Walking Dead.]

If you're looking for war, you're in the right place.

After spending the vast majority of season seven under Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) reign of terror, The Walking Dead has finally positioned Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his allies against the oppressive Saviors. They threatened war all season long, and now, finally, it's here, thanks to an action-packed season finale.

And while it's a relief to finally see our heroes in full resistance mode, it's not without some downsides — especially if your favorite character on the show is a certain eagle-eyed sharpshooter.

Without further ado, here are the seven biggest moments from the Walking Dead season finale:

1. So Long, Sasha

We knew it was coming, but it doesn't make the moment any less painful. Ever since Sonequa Martin-Green was cast on Star Trek: Discovery, the countdown was on for her Walking Dead demise. The season finale delivered on that fatal promise: Sasha is dead, having poisoned herself to death in an attempt to unleash zombified terror on Negan. In the end, her bid failed, even though the Alexandrians won the battle. As she told Rosita (Christian Serratos) just a couple of episodes earlier, it's best to go out with a point ... and what better point than Maggie's knife? (OK, one better point: beaming out of the zombie apocalypse in favor of a new life among the stars.)

2. One Last Mustache Ride

If there's a silver lining to Sasha's death, it's that it paved the way for one of the most touching comebacks in recent Walking Dead memory: Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), brutally butchered during the season seven premiere, back in action for the finale, if only in spirit via Sasha's flashback episodes. It wasn't enough to bring him back for good, but it'll have to be enough since that's the end of the line. And with that, Abraham's story is finally finished. Rest in pieces, big guy.

3. A Stinky Situation

Remember the Garbage People? Of course you do. How could you forget Jadis and her indecipherable negotiating tactics? If you weren't a fan of the Heapsters before this episode, you certainly won't be a fan afterward, now that we know the truth: they are in league with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which explains how he knew about Rick's agenda during last week's penultimate episode. Somehow, it doesn't seem like Jadis is going to get her wish to sleep with Rick anytime soon.

4. Eye of the Tiger

As Chekov famously said, you don't introduce a tiger in the first act unless you plan to unleash the beast by the final act. Or something like that. In any event, Shiva! Finally, Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his ferocious feline friend have joined the battle, unleashing holy hell on the Saviors. The moment comes right after Negan prepares to kill Carl (Chandler Riggs) in front of Rick, with Shiva roaring in to save the day. Normally, Negan would probably think a tiger in the apocalypse was the most awesome thing he's ever seen. Maybe not so much when the tiger is on the other side of the battlefield. In any case, here's hoping season eight contains even more tiger action than season seven.

5. The Dwight Stuff

For those unsure about Dwight (Austin Amelio) being on the right side of the war, look no further than the finale for proof. He had plenty of chances to take out Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the others and resisted all potential urges, purposefully shooting right past the Alexandrians at all turns. Looks like we officially have a man on the inside.

6. Eugene Remains Unclean

Sadly, it seems like Eugene (Josh McDermitt) really is on the side of the Saviors, if only for now. With every opportunity to switch up his allegiance, Eugene stayed true to Negan and his crew, refusing to reunite with the Grimes clan. There's still hope for the man in season eight, but as things stand right now? It's a bad look for our favorite mulletted man.

7. Welcome to the War

There are no more tricks, no more illusions, no more thinly veiled niceties. The bloody battle between the Alexandrians and the Saviors is now officially underway and out in the open, leading us to one of the most significant arcs in the entire Walking Dead comic book: "All-Out War," a 12-issue storyline that sees Rick and Negan's forces coming to a head. After a long season of buildup, the bullets are finally flying. Don't expect them to stop anytime soon; the war is likely to last the entirety of season eight, given how much material there is to cover. More on all of that very, very soon at THR.com/WalkingDead.